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Meet TeamFSC

Family Source Consultants’ staff is comprised of two former Intended Mothers, as well as several former Gestational Surrogates and Egg Donors; combined, our staff represents a passionate and dedicated group of individuals who are uniquely qualified to provide assistance in all facets of creating a family using assisted and third-party reproduction techniques.

Our Founders

Staci SwiderskiCEO & Co-Founder
Staci Swiderski, CEO and Co-founder of Family Source Consultants has more than 15 years experience in Third Party Reproduction. Staci oversees the company to ensure values are applied consistently from top to bottom, across all departments by implementing the agency’s vision, mission and overall direction.

Being a former Intended Mother herself, as well as a known egg donor twice, Staci has the passion, knowledge and personal experience related to reproductive medicine and family building.

In her free time, Staci enjoys reading, spending time with family, traveling and keeping up with the latest technologies.

Zara GriswoldCo-Founder
Zara Griswold began her journey into the world of Surrogacy in 2002 as an Intended Mother. She and her husband welcomed our beautiful boy/girl twins in the summer of 2003.

Zara has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Eastern Michigan University and a Master of Science degree in Education from Northern Illinois University. As a former high school English teacher, her passion for educating and supporting others, along with her personal interest in Surrogacy and Egg Donation, are what inspired her to write the book, Surrogacy Was the Way: Twenty Intended Mothers Tell Their Stories, published in 2006.

Zara has been fortunate in being able to continue her dedication to Family Building via Third Party Reproduction in her position as Director of the Gestational Surrogacy program at Family Source. She has made it her life mission to help others achieve their family building dreams through Surrogacy and Egg Donation.

Team Members

Jessica AndersonExecutive Assistant
Jessica Anderson graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.S. in Family and Child Studies, with an emphasis in Family and Individual Development, and a minor in Psychology.

As a former FSC egg donor herself, Jessica quickly became passionate in fulfilling the dreams of intended parents in building their family and joined Family Source Consultants in 2009. Jessica thoroughly enjoys working closely with fellow reproductive colleagues and professionals in the field of reproductive medicine.

Jessica lives in Illinois with her two, very spoiled cats. She enjoys exploring Chicago restaurants, spending time with family, especially her niece and nephew and attending music concerts.

Jessica interviews egg donors, schedules and coordinates with potential and current intended parents, and assists Staci with daily operations.

Avani LombardiClient Relations Manager
After struggling with infertility for many years, Avani and her husband turned to FSC to guide them through the surrogacy process. In 2015, they welcomed their daughter with the help of a wonderful surrogate.

Having gone through this journey to build her family, Avani wanted to help other couples make their dreams come true and joined FSC as a Client Relations Manager. In her role, Avani is the first point of contact for prospective parents and guides them through the initial stages of their journey.

Prior to joining FSC, Avani worked as a Human Resources Manager. Avani graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with Bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Business Administration. She also received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Avani lives in Illinois and loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and dog as well as her extended family and friends. She also enjoys exercising, reading, shopping, seeing musicals, traveling, and trying new restaurants/cuisines.

Vicky LiDirector of Asian Operations
Vicky earned her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Music from Northern Illinois University. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, she moved to the United States in 1991, and joined FSC in 2014.

Vicky resides in Illinois with her husband Jerry and two lovely children, Annie and Raymond. She enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening, shopping and spending time with family.

As a native speaker of the Chinese language, Vicky is the first point of contact for prospective parents from Asia and assists them throughout their journey with FSC.

WeChat : VickyChicago

Mariana MartinezDirector of Client Development
Mariana holds a degree in Business Administration. She previously worked as a Human Resources Recruitment & Selection Manager and was a business owner for many years in Mexico. Mariana is bilingualSpanish and English.

Mariana became involved with Family Source Consultants after her own sister had struggled with fertility issues and pursued Gestational Surrogacy resulting in boy/girl twins born in Illinois through surrogacy.

Mariana has been married since 2005 to her husband Ricardo, and they have two amazing sons, Alex and Mateo. She enjoys spending time with family, and has a passion for cooking and exercising.

Mariana spends much of her time at our Miami office and is often the first point of contact for Spanish speaking prospective parents, guiding them through the initial stages of beginning their journey via Surrogacy and/or Egg Donation.

Ana PetersenSpanish International Coordinator
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ana Peterson moved to the United States in 2000, joining FSC in 2007. As a mother of two daughters, Ana understands completely the desire to be a parent.

Ana feels a special connection to Family Source Consultants as her daughter was the Egg Donor for Zara (Co-Founder) and her husband that resulted in boy/girl twins in 2003.

Ana lives in Rhode Island with her husband and together they enjoy traveling.

As a Spanish speaking Intended Parent Coordinator, Ana’s role is to not only translate the Spanish language, but also to serve as the liaison between different cultures, and effectively mirror the factual details of what Intended Parents want and expect. Ana guides clients as they sort through their feelings and emotions and ensures that Intended Parents are comfortable with all aspects of their journey.

Megan SteineckeProgram Coordinator
Megan Steinecke graduated from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA with a Bachelor Degree of Music Education. Throughout her course of study, Megan learned that her true passion is for children. Upon graduation, Megan accepted a position as a Toddler Teacher at Early Head Start, where she worked for almost 3 years. Megan left her position as a Toddler Teacher to welcome her first baby girl in March of 2008, then a second daughter in January of 2011.

After the birth of Megan’s second daughter, her sister-in-law shared with her the possibilities of not being able to carry a pregnancy. This issue became very near and dear to Megan and she then began researching Surrogacy in depth, ultimately finding FSC and beginning the first of her three surrogacy journeys.

After completing a sibling journey for her Intended Parents in February of 2015, it became apparent that Megan wanted to pursue a career in the surrogacy field on a more professional level and accepted a position with FSC in March of 2015. Megan completed her third surrogacy journey in 2016 delivering a baby boy.

As a Program Coordinator, Megan works closely with Intended Parents and Surrogates throughout their journey to ensure that they have a positive, supportive and successful experience.

Ronda BlairProgram Coordinator
Ronda was informed from an early age that she was adopted and has always had an interest in alternative options in family building; therefore, the decision to become a Gestational Surrogate was the perfect opportunity for her.

Ronda’s first surrogate journey resulted in beautiful and healthy boy/girl twins for a wonderful couple in France. Ronda had a positive experience and moved forward with a second surrogacy journey for parents in Spain, resulting in a beautiful baby girl. Ronda is currently assisting her [second] Intended Parents in a sibling journey.

After becoming a Surrogate, Ronda chose to pursue her involvement within the surrogacy community and joined FSC as a Program Coordinator.

Ronda has a wonderful husband who is 100% supportive of her Surrogacy involvement. She has two very active children of her own as well as two wonderful step children. Between the four children, her family is constantly on the go with practices, games, concerts and events. In addition, Ronda has three fur-babies and thoroughly enjoys cooking and baking.

As a Program Coordinator, Ronda works closely with Intended Parents and Surrogates throughout their journey to ensure that they have a positive, supportive and successful experience.

Nicole Czerwinski Program Coordinator
Nicole Czerwinski earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Illinois State University. After 12 years in the medical supplies manufacturing and distribution industry, Nicole was interested in changing to a career that she could feel more passionate about on a personal level.

Nicole lives in Illinois and loves spending time with her two amazing children Addyson and Austin, her husband Mike, and their dog Ava. Nicole is an avid reader, enjoys spending time outside, and enjoys attending concerts.

As a Program Coordinator, Nicole works closely with Intended Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors throughout their journey to ensure that they have a positive, supportive and successful experience.

Sara MillerProgram Coordinator
Sara has a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology from Bradley University in Peoria, IL and she completed two years of a four year MD program at The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. In 2006 she opted to discontinue her medical studies to spend more time with her growing family, but has stayed current in the medical/scientific fields by doing consulting work for a leading biotech company for the past 12 years.

Sara has always had an interest in childbirth and third party reproduction, and is grateful that we live in an age where medicine, science, and societal acceptance allow individuals and couples from all backgrounds to grow their families. Working in a professional capacity in the surrogacy world is a perfect fit for Sara’s passions and background.

Sara lives in Iowa with her husband and six kids. She enjoys reading, organizing, and cheering for her children in all of their academic and extracurricular activities. She feels that her greatest calling in life is that of a parent, and it brings her great joy to play a role in helping others become parents themselves.

As a Program Coordinator, Sara works closely with Intended Parents and Surrogates throughout their journey to ensure that they have a positive, supportive, and successful experience.

Alyssa MartinoIntake Coordinator
Alyssa Martino joined Family Source Consultants in 2013. Alyssa plays an integral role in assisting prospective Egg Donors and Surrogates with complete guidance through the application process and provides them with quality, individualized and compassionate care.

Alyssa has earned her certification as a licensed makeup artist and stays active in the makeup industry. Alyssa lives in Illinois with her adorable little boy, Sonny. She enjoys spending time at the zoo as much as possible and exploring toddler friendly restaurants.

Alyssa assists with all tasks related to Egg Donor and Surrogate screening; including the collecting and reviewing medical records, writing and editing profiles and organization of completing the entire file. In addition, Alyssa manages the Egg Donor database on a daily basis.

Gina AaldersSurrogate Intake & Outreach
Gina graduated from Northern IL University with a B.S in Psychology and North Park University with a Master’s in Human Resource Management.

Gina joined FSC after delivering two beautiful girls via surrogacy for Intended Parents in Spain. She is also a former Egg Donor.

Gina enjoys gardening, long walks, bike riding, water activities, traveling, karaoke, home improvement, eating and family night BINGO! She also enjoys spending quality time with her son and her dog “Bella”.

Gina has a passion for helping people and making them laugh. As part of our Intake team, Gina’s responsibilities include assisting surrogates during the intake process, connecting with and educating potential surrogates and egg donors, and representing FSC at conferences and other public events.

Kaitlyn MillerIntake Coordinator
Kaitlyn Miller graduated with an Associates Degree in medical assisting in 2013. Kaitlyn is also a birth doula and former surrogate.

Kaitlyn began her first surrogacy journey with international Intended Parents from Spain in 2014 and completed a second surrogacy journey in 2017. Kaitlyn has a passion for helping others and is now a foster parent in Florida.

Kaitlyn is a mother of two very active daughters and enjoys spending her free time in their family barn or on the back of her horse.

In her role as Intake Coordinator, Kaitlyn guides potential gestational surrogates through the intake process to prepare them for their surrogacy journey. She conducts meetings with potential surrogates, assists in processing pertinent paperwork and records and helps to complete their file to move on to the matching process. In addition, Kaitlyn plays an integral role in our Florida Surrogate support groups, where she facilitates and attends monthly meetings with our FSC Surrogates.

CarrissaIntake Coordinator
Carrissa is currently studying Ultrasound Technology and hopes to specialize in infertility treatment.

Carrissa originates from Rhode Island and she and her family moved to Florida to support her husband’s law enforcement career. She has two young children and one puppy. Her family enjoys going to the movie theatre, playing at the park, and more than anything- they love froyo. Carrissa also enjoys couponing and swimming.

Carrissa assists in obtaining and processing pertinent records and paperwork for potential candidates, enabling them to complete their file to move on to the matching process.

Denise ConnerSurrogacy Support Manager
After a long struggle with infertility, Denise turned to FSC to assist in building her family. Denise was aware of other agency choices, but the ability for her and her husband to meet their potential donor with the guidance of the agency made Denise feel drawn to Family Source Consultants.

Aside from having her own daughters, Denise felt that nothing made her feel more complete than helping another couple to make their parenthood dreams come true through Surrogacy.

Denise knew instantly from the first time meeting with her Intended Parents that they were truly the perfect couple for her. In August of 2013, Denise gave birth to a beautiful girl for the family.

As the Surrogate Support Group Manager, Denise provides ongoing support to the surrogates in our program. In addition to continuous support via emails, texts, phone calls and online communication, Denise meets twice a month with other FSC surrogates who share questions, stories, tears and laughter.

Susan TaylorSurrogate Outreach & Support
Susan Taylor LM, CPM is a Licensed Homebirth Midwife and is the founder of Taylor Made Midwifery in Fort Worth, Texas. Susan worked alongside an experienced LM, CPM for the first four years of her midwifery career.

Surrogacy was laid on Susan’s heart not long after her fourth baby was born in March 2012. She went on to deliver her first surrogate baby, a boy, in January 2015. Not long after her first Surrogacy journey, Susan knew that she wanted to help another family. It was at the beginning of that journey when she learned about Family Source Consultants.

Susan delivered her second surrogate baby, another boy, in May 2017 in her home. Her journey was more than she could have ever asked for or imagined and she knew instantly that she not only wanted to stay in the surrogacy world, but wanted a part of the FSC team. Susan appreciates FSC’s sincerity and desire to create meaningful matches.

Susan’s combination of love and passion for pregnancy, birth, babies, and helping families brought her to both midwifery and surrogacy. She is grateful that through the birth of her own four children, Christian, Kadyn, Rylie and Finn, that her heart was opened to helping others in these ways.

When Susan is not working, she enjoy spending time with her husband, Chris, and their beautiful children in Texas. She also enjoys laying by the pool, traveling, reading, and going to the movies.

As the Surrogate Support and Outreach Manager, Susan educates potential Surrogates and provides continuous support for FSC Surrogates located in Texas through monthly support meetings.

Matt Wisemantle
Matt WisemantleDirector of Internet Operations
Matt Wisemantle is CompTIA A+ certified and a technology enthusiast. He is currently enrolled in college for Computer Information Systems and Networking Specialty.

Matt lives in Illinois and enjoys auto shows, creating videos and anything that supports technology.

As the Director of Internet Operations, Matt maintains FSC’s client contact database. Matt also works closely with our staff to obtain valuable information for newsletter content.

Christopher BoydCommunications Coordinator
Christopher Boyd joined the Family Source team in 2012. As part of FSC’s communication team, Chris contributes to FSC’s media and community outreach, agency marketing material, and provides content throughout online platforms.

Chris is a lifelong Illinois resident and in his spare time he enjoys attending car shows with his grandfather and father, watching any sports team (college or professional), is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and spending time with his family and fur-companion, his dog, Benji.

As Communications Coordinator, Chris builds the profile and client base for the company through strategic marketing, recruitment, and communications.

Leslie HosmerAdministrative Assistant
Leslie is the Administrative Assistant here at FSC and assists staff with their everyday administrative tasks. Leslie is responsible for profile editing, processing required forms, managing online electric files, as well as the ordering and organization of medical records.

Leslie enjoys spending time with her husband, her two adult sons as well as her dogs and four parrots.

Leslie has a passion for crafting, reading, cooking and baking in her free time.