We are so pleased that you are considering Family Source to assist you in becoming an Egg Donor for a deserving couple or individual. You are doing something of tremendous magnitude—creating a life (or lives) that would not have otherwise been created, for those who are unable to do so without your help. It is an amazingly selfless deed to be an Egg Donor. Because women, such as yourself, have stepped forward to assist those who cannot achieve pregnancy otherwise, there are countless parents around the world whose hearts and lives have been fulfilled by children born thanks to this miraculous process.  In fact, our very own Family Source team is comprised of two mothers via open/known egg donation, as well as three staff members who have had the amazing experience of also donating a multiple of times, both anonymously and open.  Because we are experienced in all facets of egg donation, we are acutely aware of all that is involved in this process and all of the emotional aspects that accompany parenthood via egg donation. We are incredibly grateful that egg donation is a possibility today, and we thank you for your generous spirit in offering this incredible gift.







Egg Donors

Egg Donor Criteria

  • Be between the ages of 21-33
  • Be healthy overall
  • Be height-weight proportionate (BMI must be 28 or lower)
  • Have a minimum of a high school education
  • Be willing to take medications via injection
  • Not smoke, take illegal drugs, or be alcohol dependent
  • Have had a pap-smear within the last year
  • Not have any psychiatric illness
  • Know at least one half of your genetic make-up
  • Have reliable transportation: You will have several appointments as you get closer to the retrieval date.
  • Not have had the Depo Provera shot for at least 8 months
  • Not be on Nor-plant
  • Have a genuine desire to assist a couple or individual in creating or adding to their family

Once you contact us by phone or e-mail expressing interest in our agency, and you meet our requirements, we will then send you a thorough profile packet and application. Once accepted into our Donor program, we will schedule an interview to discuss the entire process so that you are thoroughly educated on all facets of Egg Donation. In addition to the applications and forms that we will require, you will need to also email a minimum of ten photos to our Egg Donor coordinator.

Apply to Become an Egg Donor

Anonymous, Semi-Open, or Open Donation?

Family Source arranges anonymous, semi-open and open egg donations. There are some major differences between the types of egg donation; it is essential that you determine the route that you are most comfortable with; many Donors are open to all three types of donations; it is a your personal decision.

Your Journey is Underway

First, you should decide which type of Egg Donation you are interested in pursuing. If you choose the anonymous route, you will not be given any information about your Recipient Parent/s; however, we are happy to inform you as to whether or not a pregnancy occurs. If you choose to do a semi-open egg donation, once potential Recipient Parents express interest in you as their Egg Donor, you may be given some very basic information about them (first names, ages, etc.). If you choose an open Egg Donation, once the Recipient Parents express interest in you as their Egg Donor, you will meet with them via Skype, email or in person, as well as share some contact information with one another. An open egg donation agreement is one in which all parties have a relationship with each other, and potentially throughout the life of the child/ren born via the egg donation, to keep lines of communication “open.” Regardless of whether you do an anonymous, semi-open, or an open donation, you will be expected to follow through with the pre-egg retrieval protocol per reproductive endocrinologist’s instructions including medication directions and doctor appointment commitments.

The initial screening process takes place to ensure you are in healthy physical condition and to confirm that you are a good candidate for egg donation. This includes evaluation of your hormone levels and testing for genetic diseases. You will also undergo testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), as will your spouse/partner when applicable. We will arrange for psychological counseling for all parties: you will meet with a clinical psychologist who specializes in third party reproduction and be administered the MMPI, which is a psychological assessment test. When applicable, your spouse/partner will be required to meet with the psychologist as well. Family Source will also coordinate the required health/life insurance for you, as the Egg Donor, which is mandatory per Recipient Parent/Egg Donor contract, to ensure you are covered in the event you experience any medical problems due to the egg donation procedure.

En Route to Your Egg Donation

Upon clear results of the screening process, you will work with one of our agency recommended collaborative reproduction attorneys to review your contract. Your legal phase must be completed prior to you beginning any injectable medications to prepare for the egg retrieval. We at Family Source will absolutely go over all of the information with you to make sure you understand the cycle and medication instructions, as it is vital that all directions are followed precisely. Following is a summarized version of the medication protocol: While the Recipient Mother or Gestational Surrogate is being prepared via medication and monitoring for the upcoming embryo transfer (if it is a fresh transfer), you may be directed to go on birth control pills for a short period of time before starting Lupron injections. You will be monitored via ultrasound and blood tests at your Recipient Parents’ clinic or a satellite clinic near your home. You will then begin taking the follicle stimulating hormone which is used to stimulate the development of multiple eggs. You must be available for all appointments and keep your schedule open as you will have 6-8 appointments during this time frame, in which some may be very last minute. Lastly, the reproductive endocrinologist will instruct you when to take the final HCG injection, which will prepare your ovaries to release the eggs from your follicles. The retrieval will be scheduled for 36 hours after the HCG shot. Once the eggs are retrieved, they will be inseminated with the Recipient Father’s (or Sperm Donor’s) sperm for fertilization, typically 5 days later, the created embryos will be implanted into the Recipient Mother’s (or Gestational Surrogate’s) uterus, and/or cryogenically frozen.

And New Life Begins

The Recipient Mother (or Gestational Surrogate) will have labs completed approximately 8-14 days after the embryo transfer to determine the pregnancy results. Although you are officially done with your egg donation role this is the beginning of a much desired dream for your Recipient Parent/s and a reason for you to feel completely proud and fulfilled that you have shared this most beautiful treasure.