Egg Donor Updates! October 2017
Egg Donor Spotlight Egg Donor “C” Egg Donor “C” had always wanted to help couples struggling with infertility, but she wasn’t sure how. When she learned about Egg Donation, she was instantly drawn to the idea.     Now a
Meet Our Team of Surrogacy & Egg Donation Experts
If you are in a position where you are contemplating an alternative path to family creation, you are likely overwhelmed and possibly apprehensive when looking at the many choices you have before you. If you are thinking about becoming a
What is Gestational Surrogacy?
Susan Taylor, a two time Surrogate and licensed midwife from the FSC Dallas office, explains what it means to be a Gestational Surrogate. In the case of a gestational surrogate, the woman carrying the pregnancy is in no way biologically