5 Questions You’ll Probably Be Asked as a Surrogate.. and How to Answer
People are naturally curious when it comes to Surrogacy. As a Surrogate, you’ll get asked some pretty strange questions, so having a response ready is helpful when you’re caught off guard. Here are the Top 5 questions you’ll probably be
Egg Donor Spotlight: Donor “J”
Why did you decide to become an Egg Donor? 3 1/2 years ago my husband and I decided that we were done having children. We have 5 beautiful babies and they are such a blessing. I could not imagine life
Surrogate Spotlight: Laura B.
I’m Laura, a busy wife and a mother to 6 crazy wild children. I live in Florida with my four boys (ages 14, 11, 7, & 4), two girls (ages 6 & 2) and my husband. I have always enjoyed