It is crucial that you have put much thought into the reasons you want to be a Gestational Surrogate. While compensation may be an added incentive, this should not be your only motivation. You are being compensated for your time, effort and commitment to your Intended Parents’ mission, and for any inconveniences that you and/or your family members will experience on account of your surrogacy pregnancy.

Some agencies have a “set” compensation (base fee) for the Surrogates in their program. We at Family Source do not agree with this concept; we do not feel it is appropriate to tell a potential Gestational Surrogate what she “should” be receiving as compensation. We feel that you are capable of making that decision for yourself in an educated manner once you are presented with accurate information that will guide you accordingly. Of course, we will gladly assist you in determining the compensation you feel is most appropriate.

To give you some guidelines in determining what you are comfortable with receiving financially:

  • Average base compensation for a first time Surrogate is $25,000-30,000
  • Average base compensation for a second time Surrogate is $28,000-30,000+

In addition to a base compensation, you will receive a mock cycle fee (if you do a mock cycle per RE requirements), a transfer fee, maternity clothes allowance, a monthly allowance for miscellaneous items such as prenatal vitamins, travel expenses (local and air), etc., an invasive procedure fee (if necessary), lost wages reimbursement for yourself and spouse/partner when applicable, maid service and child care when needed, and any other expenses accrued due to your surrogate-pregnancy.

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