FSC Egg Donor Program

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to for men, women and couples to reach their dream to become a parent. As our staff has personal experience and knowledge in Egg Donation, both as a Recipient and as an Egg Donor, we fully understand that selecting an Egg Donor will be one of the most, if not, the most, important and delicate decision that you will ever make. The pursuit for an Egg Donor can be emotional, overwhelming as well as challenging as you will have many choices before you; however, we are here to guide you through each and every step of the process.

Our standards and guidance are paramount and shared with each Egg Donor in our program to ensure her commitment to the process. Our goal is to ensure each Recipient a pleasant and relaxing experience with compassion. Recipients should feel at peace with their decision to turn to Egg Donation as a means to start or build their family.

Family Source Consultants keeps a precisely high standard for the Egg Donor screening. Potential Egg Donors must undergo an elaborate social and psychological screening which includes a personality and attitude assessment, along with a thorough interview with our experienced staff. In addition, all Donors must complete an extensive application process, as well as submit an updated pap-smear and undergo a criminal background check.

Many Recipients will choose their Egg Donor based primarily on physical attributes or one who shares their ethnic, religious, or cultural backgrounds. Other Recipients hope to find an Egg Donor who is healthy and athletic or perhaps has musical or artistic talent. Our donors are from all ethnicities, with varying physical characteristics, educational backgrounds and creative talents.

While the majority of Egg Donation journeys are anonymous, however, Family Source Consultants is happy to facilitate a meeting via Skype, phone or in person at no additional fee between all parties should a semi-anonymous agreement be of interest to you. Please ask our Donor Coordinator for additional information and please keep in mind that the Donor must agree to this arrangement.

All Egg Donors who are accepted into our program must be between the ages of 21-30, non-smoker, reliable, fully committed and overall healthy.

Our Egg Donor program offers free, secure, private, online access 24/7, please click here to obtain the password information to enter the database.