We are extremely thankful for the kind words that these Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Egg Donors have shared. We are equally as honored that they have put their trust in Family Source Consultants to help guide them through this emotional and personal experience.

Family Source Consultants Reviews

Our journey with FSC was great. They really made sure to answer all our questions before and during the surrogacy process. They have a very warm, professional and personal approach, which was reassuring to us and helped us choose them over many other agencies we researched. Our case manager, Meg, was amazing, making sure that we had all the information we needed at each stage of the process and ensured that we connected to the right legal and related services that we needed. They are also familiar with the top fertility clinics, which was a big help. They have experience with international clients as well.


FSC Parents - California - April 2019
As always, thank you for everything you do to make this process so special. From the bottom of our hearts: we really appreciate it.


FSC Parents - Illinois - April 2019
We are and will always be incredibly thankful to Kendra (our surrogate), of course, and to you, FSC!!


FSC Parents - Netherlands - April 2019
We appreciate your dedication and help throughout the process. I really look forward to the next chapter of our lives.


FSC Parents - Massachusetts - April 2019
FSC is a very trustworthy company with fun and friendly staff who are professional and organized! They are dedicated to making your experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. They are always quick to respond and accommodating to your needs.


TeamFSC Egg Donor - April 2019
My experience with FSC has been amazing! Every step of the way I have felt such huge amounts of support from everyone and they have made this such a flawless and easy process.


TeamFSC Surrogate - Texas - April 2019
Thanks for everything you’ve done during my journey. You were great! I appreciate all your quick responses and support!


TeamFSC Surrogate - Illinois - April 2019
Thank you for your words, for your love, and for your great work with us. Thank you very much for everything really.


FSC Parents - Spain - April 2019
FYI: I recommend on FSC to a new couple . I told them that people like you making this Journey such an awesome amazing experience.


FSC Parents - New York - March 2019
I also want to say thank you to you, for staying in contact with me and always making sure I knew what was going on. You are fantastic at what you do! And thank you for all of your support and encouraging words.


TeamFSC Surrogate - Indiana - March 2019
I couldn't think of anything bad about FSC if I tried. Everyone is so helpful and thoughtful. I really love everyone from FSC!!!


TeamFSC Surrogate - Illinois - March 2019
Thank you for being part of marking our family. Without you we wouldn't have our two miracles <3


FSC Parents - Illinois - March 2019
We would like also to thank you for all your support in our journey. Everything has been much easier because of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


FSC Parents - Dubai - March 2019
I am very grateful to all the FAMILY SOURCE team, thanks to them I have been able to achieve my dream... BECOME A FATHER!  MAY GOD BLESS YOU... millions of thanks to all of the team!


FSC Parent - Spain - February 2019
We are forever grateful to FSC for playing a role in bringing us our bundle of joy.


FSC Parents - New York - February 2019
My journey was wonderful with FSC, and I'm sure a friend I recently sent your way will experience the same. I was glad to refer her to you since you guys did awesome on my match and making sure everything went smoothly.


TeamFSC Surrogate - Illinois - February 2019
Family Source was good to work with. They made the process easy and were always there to help with any questions I had.


TeamFSC Surrogate - Illinois - February 2019
My thanks to the whole team at Family Source for fulfilling my dream of becoming a father with these two precious little ones. I will forever be indebted and grateful to all those who helped bring them into this world so that I can hold them and love them.


FSC Intended Parents - Pennsylvania - February 2019
Everyone at FSC is wonderful.  Each person that I’ve worked with has been thoughtful and always goes above and beyond every time. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nicole for a few donations, and she always treats me like a good friend, checks in with me, and makes sure I have everything I need.  I would recommend her and anyone else at FSC to all my friends and family interested in IVF.


TeamFSC Egg Donor - Washington - February 2019
We were greatly satisfied with FSC and have expressed this to other couples.


FSC Parents - Netherlands - February 2019
This agency does such a wonderful job matching! I feel so beyond blessed going through this experience!


TeamFSC Surrogate - Missouri - January 2019
Really appreciate your support in the past year.


FSC Intended Parents - Pennsylvania - January 2019
Thank you so much! I seriously LOVE you guys, best agency hands down!


TeamFSC Surrogate - Arizona - January 2019
Just wanted to take a moment and tell you all how impressed I am with your agency. I really love it whenever I have the chance to work with Family Source since I know our mutual clients are getting the best care and utmost attention.

Attorney (name withheld)

Third Party Reproductive Professional - January 2019
Family Source Consultants made this process super easy. There is so much paperwork and red tape through this process and honestly, I barely had to deal with any of the stress related to it. They were super organized and very communicative. They helped me through all my wacky issues and were extremely supportive throughout the whole process.


TeamFSC Surrogate - Minnesota - January 2019
Family Source Consultants is a fantastic agency. I had no idea what to expect since it was my first time donating but I never once felt alone which was very reassuring. Every single step of the way there was someone there to check up on me to make sure that I was doing okay and to see how my appointments went. My retrieval was two days ago and because FSC made the process run so smoothly I am already ready to donate again.


TeamFSC Egg Donor - Illinois - January 2019
I appreciate the support you ladies provide throughout the entire process. You all are awesome 🙂


TeamFSC Egg Donor - Iowa - January 2019
Thank you, Family Source Consultants. S and I met two other GC couples today and they had horror stories about their processes and length to match. You all have been amazing in helping us navigate this all and find options. We are lucky to partner with you.


FSC Intended Parents - Illinios - January 2019
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you have done in helping us in the beginning steps of our surrogacy journey over these past 6 months! I really appreciate your warmth in welcoming any and all questions, your timeliness in email responses, and your guidance each step of the way until this point.


TeamFSC Surrogate - Illinois - January 2019
I am so overjoyed to have (my son) in my life. Thank you all for your help in making this happen. Life is always a miracle and precious, but for those of us requiring surrogacy it is quite surprising and a dream come true.


FSC Parent - Switzerland - January 2019
I have to say that going through this process is not easy and we were disappointed with many of the people we encountered along the way, but you and FSC have always been amazing to us and even though not everything went super smooth, the way that you treat us, understand us, and make us feel that you are with us in this journey, is priceless. We wanted to tell you we do not take this for granted and highly appreciate everything you have done for us. You are amazing and we would like to thank you for everything from the bottom of our hearts!


FSC Intended Parents - New York - January 2019
We found that you guys seem highly specialized and most competent in the surrogacy part of things, maybe more so than the other agencies we have looked at. In addition, our friends have had good experiences and we value their opinions a lot.


Intended Parents
We want to wish you a Merry Christmas, and hope this New Year brings you joy and laughter! Thanks for your help and kindness that made our miracle possible!

J & T

FSC Parents - Spain
First and as always thank you for being you, and caring about our journey to our parenthood.  I hope you've had a great holiday weekend - and have some rest and relaxation planned for the New Year celebration.

O & P

Intended Parents - New York
We want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Thank you for all your help and support.

I & H

Intended Parents - France
We would like to wish all of you at FSC a wonderful holiday season. We cannot thank you enough for all of your support and guidance that was given in helping us achieve our dream of having a family. Nicole, Staci, and Zara have all been great to work with!

B & T

FSC Parents
The agency was great and always kind, responding to any question I had.  Thank you so much for all of your help!

N & R

Recipient Parents
Thank you for being so thorough and great!


Gestational Surrogate
Thank you for everything you have done with my journey.  Couldn’t have had anyone better than you!


Gestational Surrogate
FSC is the best. Every person I have talked to--especially Jessica--has been the best. Jessica is there for me 24/7 answering all of my questions and putting me at ease. I cannot wait to work with her again. She truly is the best!

D. #535

Egg Donor
Thank you for all your support over our most recent journey, we are very fortunate to have found a wonderful team with FSC!

J & C

FSC Parents
FSC is a very trustworthy company with fun and friendly staff who are professional and organized! They are dedicated to making your experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. They are always quick to respond and accommodating to your needs.

M. #524

Egg Donor
Thank you guys for all that you do... I am seeing a lot of positives with everyone I come into contact with in this company... thank you guys!


Gestational Surrogate
Under Family Source Consultants' hard work, my cute baby C was born on October 5th, 2018. When C grows up, I will tell her the story of my surrogate journey, and FSC's involvement. At this time, my partner and I express our great thanks to all of you. We hope your agency can help more and more people have their own babies. Your patience and professionalism has impressed me. I will be recommending your agency to my Chinese friends.


Intended Parent via Surrogacy - China
Family Source Consultants was beside me every step of the way. They care deeply about their donors and their surrogates, and do their best to make sure our experience is stress free and smooth sailing. Not a week went by where Family Source didn’t follow up with me, answer any of my questions, or help provide important information regarding my medical screenings, lab work, etc. They made my first journey as an egg donor easy and I’m looking forward to working with them with other future donations!


Egg Donor - Anonymous
They are a very professional and knowledgeable agency.  They are always on top of everything which makes the process a lot easier for rhe intended parents.  Our journey to parenthood was very long and painful.  FSC turned all our negative thoughts into positive ones.  The minute we met with Stacy we felt confident that our dream of a family would come true.  We are forever thankful to everyone at FSC especially Ronda.  Ronda thank you for all you guidance and positivity.  Another big thank you to our Surrogate Kelly who is an amazing woman.  Hands down we would recommend FSC to anyone that is thinking of surrogacy.  They are great at making dreams come true!!!!!

M & J

Intended Parents via Surrogacy - Illinois 
My husband and I researched endlessly to find the best agency for our needs and so happy with our choice. We had a great experience that ended with our beautiful twins roughly inline with what we expected cost wise. For privacy, don't wish to share all the details of our experience publicly, but feel free to message directly if you wish to know more. Wishing everyone luck on their own journeys to parenthood. It's worth the wait and work!

C & F

Intended Parents via Surrogacy & Egg Donation  - New Hampshire
Family Source Consultants is a fantastic agency. I had no idea what to expect since it was my first time donating but I never once felt alone which was very reassuring. Every single step of the way there was someone there to check up on me to make sure that I was doing okay and to see how my appointments went. My retrieval was two days ago and because FSC made the process run so smoothly I am already ready to donate again.


Egg Donor - Anonymous
My journey with FSC was a great one! Jessica and Nicole made it very easy for me along my journey. They are very sweet and communicative throughout the process. My coordinator Nicole was there with me every step of the way making sure I was doing well, and taking care of the reservations for my out of date donation. She answered all my questions and concerns the very same day and even on weekends. FSC is definitely a great agency to work with. I recommend anyone who is looking to help in cases like these, to go with FSC. They are very approachable and extremely well organized.


Egg Donor - Anonymous
Soon I will boarding the flight and come back to my country Taiwan with my newborn son L. And It’s time to say goodbye and thank you again to you all. Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for the generous guidance and kind help in past 2 years. This is a magical long journey for me and F. In Taiwan, we are very difficult to find enough information of surrogacy. So we are lucky to have Vicky's help to bring us into this journey and also have Ronda's professional guide during this journey. Ronda and Vicky are always patient to answer all of our questions. It just feel like have two new friends help us to build up a complete family, and of course we believe all of Family Source Staffs are all as kind as them. That is so wonderful you help many people to make their dream come true. Although me and F, and our son L. are going to sail to a different direction in Taiwan, but I do hope our paths will once again cross in the future. And wish you all have a prosperous career and a healthy, happy family and life.

R & F

Intended Parents via Gestational Surrogacy - Taiwan
Family Source Consultants was a great help along our journey! Another surrogate I know recommended them to me and they were so much more responsive than the other agencies I had contacted, which is why I decided to move forward with them. I am so glad I did as it has been a great journey. There were definitely some bumps along the way, but FSC did their best to help when they could and I can’t imagine having done this without their help.


Gestational Surrogate - Colorado
FSC was truly wonderful to work with! They were so understanding and accommodating of my traveling lifestyle as a circus performer. Very responsive and always on top of their game! It was truly a pleasure to work with everyone from FSC, especially my go-to gal, Nicole.


Egg Donor - Anonymous
I found Family Source Consultants’ website along with a couple others that provided this service, but theirs stood out in reviews as a company I wished to affiliate with. Family Source Consultants’ Jessica Anderson, Executive Assistant, had been a great help and supporter (also) throughout my donation process. She answered my questions and concerns quickly and efficiently, as well as, assured and encouraged me throughout the process. Family Source Consultants is a well-organized and exciting organization to work with.


Egg Donor - Anonymous
In 2013, we saw a program on Spanish television which was talking about this thing called “Gestational Surrogacy” – we have immediately realized that this is exactly what we're looking for! Gay men can actually have their own children!!! Something that we have “parked away” as impossible is now becoming a very possible reality! And now, 5 years later, we're sitting here with our year and half old son N. and 3 months old daughter C…..and we still can't believe that we've managed to create our own family of four! Our journey wasn't easy at all – we have gone through 3 failed cycles, one miscarriage…. but you know what – looking at our two beautiful and healthy children, all the troubles, money and time spent are now forgotten and all these efforts were well worth it!!! We're forever grateful to our egg donor, our surrogates DeAnna and Jessica, to FSC and FCI!! Also thank you United States, Illinois and Chicago for making it possible for us to create our family, hopefully one day Europe and the rest of the world will be as advanced as the United States!

T & F

Intended Parents via Egg Donation & Surrogacy - Spain
FSC has been such an amazing agency! I talk them up all the time to potential surrogates on social media, because I believe in them. They stood by me every step of the way, answered my questions very quickly, helped me navigate each aspect of the process, helped me find resources, and even just allowed me to rant to them if I needed (that only happened once, but I can tell you that I am grateful I could rant to someone who understands it!). They have always been by my side and have been amazing mediators. I very HIGHLY recommend FSC as an agency for surrogacy. In my case, they were very ethical and very concerned about both parties involved. That’s exactly as it should be. They didn’t advertise the surrogate getting the most money, because it isn’t about a profit. It’s about finding the right match to make a surrogacy journey work and they were fabulous at finding me potential matches that were truly what I was looking for in a family and not just another family that needed a surrogate.

Bree C.

Gestational Surrogate - Minnesota
Being a Surrogate was far better than I ever dreamed it would be. I have wanted to be a Surrogate for many years and I always imagined it would be a wonderful experience. Little did I know it would change my life in the most positive way and we would gain new family members! My journey would not have been so great had it not been for FSC. From the applying process, to the matching, to the appointments, to the support throughout and after, they have been nothing short of amazing! Thank you FSC for making my journey an outstanding one.

Erika B.

Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
Talk to FSC!!! They were so helpful and can discuss all of your fears. And have a great support team!  I absolutely loved FSC. They were so supportive and helped so much. I am so excited to do another journey with them. Everyone is incredible!

Kaitlyn M.

Gestational Surrogate - Florida
I can not say enough good things about this amazing agency. From the moment I submitted an application I have felt completely supported and valued. They have been with me every step of this process from helping to get paperwork in order, to weekly check-ins, to special little reminders of how incredible this journey is. I was truly blessed to have found them!

Kristin F.

Gestational Surrogate - Texas
Family Source Consultants was there for me not just during this amazing experience, but they were there for me during the miscarriage as well. They were supportive and caring. I never felt like I was just a number or paycheck. They made sure to check on me, and let me know that I wasn’t alone. They were the reason I decided to proceed with being matched a second time, and I’m so glad that I did! After the successful transfer, Claire and Denise celebrated all the little milestones along with way with me, always sending me words of encouragement and checking on me. After the delivery, Claire sent me a beautiful bracelet with my surrogate baby’s name and date of birth on it. I highly recommend FSC and I can’t wait to work with them again!

Sara M.

Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
Making the choice to become a surrogate is the most amazing and selfless thing that you could ever do for someone. Sometimes the journey might not be as easy as most would believe, but it will most defiantly be worth it! I would love to say thank you FSC for trusting and allowing me to help complete a family, this journey has really opened my eyes so much and was by far one of the most amazing experiences despite all that I went through.

Nikki T.

Gestational Surrogate - Texas
In researching agencies, I found that some were very pro-parent and some were very pro-surrogate. FSC seemed like they wanted the very best outcome for their clients and surrogates. I also met with someone who used them, and only had good things to say. Word of mouth is very important to me. Everything has been amazing. The match was done beautifully and the support I got from the agency was wonderful throughout.

Brooke F.

Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
An agency that truly cares about their surrogates. I have had such an amazing experience because of Megan, Denise and Christi. Megan has been there with me every step of the way and I can not thank her enough for all of her care!


Gestational Surrogate - Indiana
I had looked into a number of agencies and chose Family Source Consultants based on their professionalism right from the start. This is an excellent organization. They make sure to coordinate through every part of the process. I used FSC for every aspect of my journey. I am a single dad with two boys and now one exceedingly precious princess! Zara was able to find the best surrogate who treated the pregnancy and baby like her own. Megan from FSC took care of everything with regard to coordination, and there is a lot of that, from egg donor and surrogate travel and hotel to and from the fertility center to making sure everything was ready for the fertility experts to coordinating with legal experts. There were just so many things that they did which make the entire process extremely smooth--and if you have researched this you would know that there can be many things that go wrong. I was speaking with my family today, and they remarked how effortless this process was. Yes, it was from our standpoint, but that was directly because of the truly outstanding work done by FSC. Of course, I am ecstatic with my beautiful little girl, but the experience of bringing her into the world will also be a treasured memory. Thank you, FSC!!


Intended Parent via Gestational Surrogacy - New York
I signed up to be an egg donor when I turned 21. Even though I wasn't matched for two years, Family Source Consultants still checked in with me every few months. Now at 24, I have just finished my second egg donation with FSC. I can not praise them enough. They have been great at communicating with me every step of the way(no matter who I worked with). I have had to fly for both donations, and they were great about coordinating everything around my work schedule and preferences. They have been absolutely amazing every step of the way. I can't wait for the next egg donation journey with them!


Egg Donor - Florida
I want to let you guys know that you totally killed it in matching us together. I am so excited for this journey with them and happy to have you and FSC right along with me for all this. I really appreciate that you never make me feel dumb or needy with my requests or constant emails. Thank you!


Gestational Surrogate - Missouri
I signed up to be an egg donor as soon as I turned 21. Not sure what to expect, but I can say FSC is like a second family. I love each of the gals I have worked with, and after 5 egg donations, and now working on my 2nd surrogacy journey I could not imagine another company to work with, or better chosen team of women/men to guide you through each process. They're all amazing!!


Egg Donor & Gestational Surrogate
As I started this process, I wondered how quickly I would get a response and a family to match with. Family Source Consultants/Zara did an outstanding job with both. The response was super fast and Zara said she would start working on a match right away. Wow, they did an amazing job. I couldn’t have picked a better couple to help. From the very start we hit it off. There was never a time where we didn’t get along, didn’t agree, or talk about everyday. The Intended Parents were so involved as that was what I wanted, and wouldn’t have had it any other way. I never felt alone through this whole process, either with my wonderful family support, the parents, or with this agency. I can’t say thank you enough for all that you have done for me. I delivered a little boy for my couple and couldn’t be more proud. I look forward to many more journeys with this agency and with Intended Parents looking to bring a baby into the world, just as my previous Intended Parents have. I never knew how fulfilling this feeling would be. I am so pleased that my Intended Parents and my family have such a wonderful friendship. We have stayed in contact and I receive pictures of him all the time. I love being able to watch him grow, and to talk to his mommy on the phone and hear the joy and love in her voice is beyond PRICELESS! I was always asked how could I do this. My answer was this isn’t my baby, I am giving the most wonderful gift of life anyone could ever give, And that I wouldn’t change it for anything. I loved every minute of this journey, from the “Devil Shots” (as my hubby calls them), clear to the painful delivery. As I sit back and think about it, non of this would of never been possible without the help of God, my wonderful family, or Family Source Consultants! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!  


Gestational Surrogate - Indiana
I’m so grateful that we picked your agency and had the experience we had. It made the outcome even more precious for us knowing the process was surrounded with love and wonderful people guiding us on our journey.

K & D

Intended Parents via Egg Donation - Illinois
Becoming a surrogate has turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences in my life! Zara has treated both my husband and I with nothing but kindness and respect through this whole process. The journey has been very emotional and it was a little difficult in the end….but, Zara offered emotional support and many words of kindness to help me through. I would love to become a surrogate for the 2nd time soon and plan on using Family Source once again!! I am also happy to share my Surrogacy story which documents everything from making the decision to become a Surrogate through delivery: www.fertilitystories.com – enjoy!


Gestational Surrogate - Ohio
I will start off by saying that I have been extremely blessed in my life with my 3 children which is the reason I wanted to become a surrogate-. I wanted to give back and make another couple as happy as my husband and I are with our family. So, when my youngest was 6 months old, I approached my husband about the possibility of doing surrogacy and surprisingly, he agreed right away and was very supportive. In the Spring of 2008, I started doing a ton of research online and contacted a couple different agencies in IL including Family Source Consultants. I knew from the very first phone conversation with Zara at FSC that I would work with her agency. She immediately felt like a friend over the phone and was so informative. We ended up meeting Zara in person within a couple weeks of our initial conversation and we had a great time getting to know her and learning more about FSC and surrogacy in general. She answered all of our questions and explained how everything would work. Less than a week later, we were having dinner with Zara and potential IP’s- who we were officially matched with the very next day. We were extremely lucky to have been matched so quickly and to have the pregnancy take after only one round of IVF. In May of 2009, exactly one year after matching with IP’s, I delivered their healthy baby boy.


Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
My journey with surrogacy started in 2007 when I curiously contacted Zara at FSC. She was so helpful in answering my questions and keeping in touch as I made the decision to move forward. I was quickly matched with a great couple and Zara and Staci were there every step of the way as we scheduled our match meeting and I began corresponding with my intended parents and scheduling appointments. I’ve been very impressed with the communication between FSC, mainly Zara, and myself. She is always there to check up on our next steps as well as offering her assistance in any way. FSC has also been very easy to work with as far as compensation and expense reimbursement payments, they are really on top of making sure they are made in a timely manner after I’ve made a submission. I can’t say enough about their professionalism, these women are definitely in the right line of work and they have so much passion for what they are doing.


Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
We want to sincerely thank you for connecting us to D. D is is so special and dear to us and we cannot begin to thank enough her for the gift she provided us. She is a Saint with a heart bigger than the world. We could NOT have asked for a better carrier and we now feel as though we have a friend for life. You offer a wonderful service and I wish you great success in connecting people for this special journey. And it is a long journey where the end justifies the means – especially since the end is just the beginning!

M & S

Intended Parents via Gestational Surrogacy - Minnesota
I knew after looking at some different agencies that I wanted to work with you, and I am glad we chose Family Source. You (personally) have made a very complicated process much easier and have made me feel comfortable through everything. I appreciate the time you have spent with me over the phone and via email, and have never treated me as “just another client.” It is apparent that you like what you do and that you care about the people you are helping!!!

T & R

Intended Parents via Egg Donation - Illinois
I wanted to thank you for helping me through a stressful and difficult time. Everything is so unsure during this time and having you was the best thing. From my initial hour and a half phone conversation with Zara, I knew you were the agency for me. Not only because of your personal experiences but because you are both compassionate women. I have gone to other agencies prior to yours and I felt they were just interested in my money. Also the great thing about you is I had access to your entire database. Other agencies only let me see who they thought I would be interested in and were they wrong with the matches they sent me. Over the past few months I sent Staci several emails with what I considered “stupid” questions and was never made to feel bad or a burden. She always returned my phone calls right away and listened to my concerns. I honestly cannot thank you enough for everything. Words cannot express how I feel about this whole “part” of my life. Even now that our time together as client and agency has ended I do plan on keeping in touch. In you not only did I find a great agency, but I feel I also found two women that I can still call just to talk to. Thank you again so much for everything.  

M & A

Intended Parents via Egg Donation - Illinois
Working with Zara & Staci not only opened a new door to me, but also gave me an extra family to love. I started thinking about becoming a Surrogate Mother about 6 months after my last child was born. He is almost 3 years old now and up till this point of being matched, I really had no luck of finding the right couple for me. I tried to be a surrogate for a couple I had already previously known, and things did not end as they should have. Sometime helping those closest to you is not always what is best. This is what led me to FSC and their trust in finding me a good match. I was told that there was a great couple with their agency that had been looking for a surrogate and that we both met all our requests for each other. I had wanted a match that would be a lifetime of friendships and memories, and hoped my couple would want the same. Little did I know this couple I was introduced to, ended up feeling like a long lost friendship, and we got along wonderful! For me, being someone’s surrogate meant more than just having the cute belly to show off, it was about changing someone’s future with the happiness I already had from my own children. It was about giving them the ultimate gift in life- a family. This was something I knew I would always be able to do, and with FSC’s help, I found my perfect IPs to work with. We started out emailing for a few weeks before meeting and by the time the day came to meet in person, I felt as if I had known them for a lifetime. We are now currently pregnant with twins due this summer of 2008 and could not be happier. I can tell you they will always be a part of my family, as well as I will be part of theirs. I would have never thought I would have matched with an international couple, as I have now, but the matching process was no different as it would be to have them next door. Zara and Staci have always been professional and positive with their words, not only to me but also to my IPs. Coming from such a far away country, they had no idea where to begin their search, but knew surrogacy was the best fit to start their family. They found FSC and began their journey. They helped us arrange our first meeting and instantly, I knew I was working with a very special couple. Although they had experienced a sad loss trying to have a family on their own, they have always made me feel like I have repaired their hearts and am now giving them hope for the future. Zara and Staci have always been available to help me and my IPs with any issues or questions we have had. They took great consideration into what both my IPs and myself wanted in a match. FSC is not just an agency, but the start of where a family begins. I would highly recommend working with this agency to anyone interested in surrogacy and especially anyone internationally.  


Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
I am writing this letter as a form of thanks to people that made my donation process comfortable and fulfilling. From my first meeting with Family Source Consultants (FSC), up through my second egg donation, I knew that I was working with a knowledgeable and caring group of people. I appreciated the amount of time that Staci Swiderski, one of the founders and directors of FSC, took to interview me as a prospective egg donor. I had the sense that she really wanted to get to know me. She wanted to be sure that I understood everything about the process that I was willing to undergo. By taking the time to both answer and ask questions, I also believe that she is better able to find a match for the recipient mothers, fathers and families that come to her and her partner, Zara Griswold. I cannot imagine a person being more passionate about her work. Staci has been there to answer any questions that I have had – big or small. Throughout the donation cycle, she has seen to every detail and ensured that the process went well. I have recommended FSC to others and I will continue to do so.  


Egg Donor - Washington
Donating with Family Source Consultants has been a satisfying and smooth process. Especially when you are donating for the first time, it is helpful to have the staff support to guide you through the process. The course of donating eggs is not complicated, but is often a totally new experience for women, which can be the most difficult part. Family Source Consultants offered sincere help in the form of emotional support, expertise, and advice. In addition, egg donors will feel comforted by the advocacy the employees provide. Donors are provided with encompassing assistance before, during, and after the donation. You will feel as if you are part of the FSC team.


Egg Donor - Illinois
Working with Family Source Consultants has been a great experience. I was a little nervous about finding a couple that would match me, however they found the right couple on the first try. They are so friendly and helpful in all ways. It seems no matter what hurdle has come to light they have been there to get me through. I’m only at the beginning of my journey, but I have no doubts that I have picked the perfect agency to guide me to the end of this incredible experience.


Gestational Surrogate - Indiana
Being an egg donor was something I was excited yet nervous about doing. I found this agency and immediately felt comfortable. They met with me and got to know me and made me feel so comfortable about the experience. When I was matched I had a dozen plus questions 🙂 I contacted them on a daily basis with questions; I never felt that I was inconveniencing them at all. They always returned my calls in a timely manner; (sometimes late at night when I had med questions) they were so willing to help me out as much as they could. I could not imagine my experience anywhere else. I felt so comfortable with everything, they were with me through the whole experience and I am grateful to them for being so helpful. I would recommend this agency to anyone.


Egg Donor - Illinois
We have been working with Family Source Consultants over the past three months in the hopes of adding to our family. After interviewing other similar companies we chose FSC because of the warm and reassuring conversations with Staci and the general feeling of comfort with them. Although this has been an emotional and hormonal journey, FSC has made it as easy and worry free as possible. They have helped us through this process, in which we were very unfamiliar, and guided us through the legal and medical matters that can be overwhelming. We would recommend anyone that is looking to build a family to Family Source Consultants. We hope that they enable us to have the family we have always dreamed of.  

K & B

Intended Parents via Egg Donation - Illinois
I wanted to let the future Intended Parents know that Family Source Consultants (Staci and Zara) are very professional, caring & passionate… they are with you every step of the way. They hold you up when you think you can’t go on. They understand what you are going through and they also listen and I mean really listen. They screen the donors and the surrogates like they are going to use them themselves. I cannot tell you how much praise I want to give them….. I can go on and on and on.

G & T

Intended Parents via Surrogacy & Egg Donation - Illinois
I am a married mother of 4 girls who, even though every blessed, still felt something was missing in my life. I had a dream about having a baby, but it wasn’t mine, rather it was for a couple who couldn’t have one themselves. Seeing them hold the baby and looking so overwhelmingly happy made me feel so blessed, beyond what words could ever say. I began to research surrogacy online. At the same time, my sister was doing research to become an egg donor and through her I was referred to Family Source Consultants. I went on their website to read their information and upon doing so I found it very easy to navigate around and find out information that pertained to what I was interested in doing. Their website made me feel warm inside and it touched my heart. I then contacted Zara, with the agency, and asked additional questions. I felt so comfortable talking to her. She answered all my questions, explaining everything in detail and in a way that I understood. I felt a strong connection during the phone conversation, like it was meant be, that this was the agency I was looking for, and so I decided to fill out a profile with them. They made the whole process simple and easy going, and it was well organized. I was immediately matched with a couple, whom I am presently working with. They have been tremendous to work with and are the greatest people ever. I’m so grateful to have them in my life and it’s such an honor to be able to help them expand their family. So now, because of Family Source Consultants, my dream is coming true and my new journey in life is starting. I have been so lucky to have Family Source in my life and taking this journey with me. God truly blessed me by bringing me to them. They are always there for you, no matter what. You can always get in touch with them to ask them anything or just say “Hi”. And if you can’t get a hold of them right away, you leave a message and they always get back to you quickly. Not only do they show professionalism but friendliness and kindness. My experience with them has been wonderful. You can tell when talking with them how kind and sincere they are. You can see how much they understand and value the importance of building a family and making dreams come true (just as they express in their website and when you talk to them). They’re not just an agency, but they are a friendship, a family. You are not just a client to them but a friend, someone important and special. I personally feel it is a privilege to be able to share your life with them. Not only do they have someone to help you with your particular situation, whether it be for Egg Donation (Staci) or a Surrogate &/or Intended Parents (Zara), but they also have a surrogate liaison (Alicia). She is awesome and has been a great help to me in this process. She is there to listen and answer questions. As a surrogate, I have only worked with Zara and Alicia, but no matter who you are working with, they are all there for you 100%. I think their agency is truly a blessing and anyone who invites them into their life will truly be grateful and blessed, as I am.  


Gestational Surrogate - Minnesota
My experience with this agency has been nothing less than a blessing in matching me with a wonderful family to help. I started off by hearing an ad on the radio about these women who were going to be egg donors and surrogates. I am a single mother with three boys of my own and when I heard about this on the radio I thought to myself, what a wonderful way to help a family who is really looking to have a child when my family is blessed with so many children. How could I turn down this opportunity or at least try to help? I started doing some research about egg donors and being a surrogate and found a web site for Family Source Consultants. After going to their web page I found it to be very user friendly and very easy to look into the different programs they offered. I started off by filling out an application and within a couple of days I received a phone call from their agency. We then scheduled a meeting and Zara came to Minnesota to meet with me. I have since been with Family Source and referred my younger sister to their agency. We have both been matched with wonderful Intended Parents. After being matched in July, 2007 and going through all the different tests and evaluations we have made it through everything and have a transfer date of February 2, 2008. Although this can be a long and painful journey for those Intended Parents in finding that perfect person to be in their life and to carry their unborn child, this agency has made it very easy. Some Intended Parents look for years to find someone, but I can honestly say that from my experience and from working with Zara and Staci it has been a great and wonderful blessing in matching me with my Intended Parents. They have been there for me 100%. They have been there for me to answer all my questions whether big or small. They are there if you just feel you need to talk or need reassuring about anything throughout this whole journey.  


Gestational Surrogate - Minnesota
We have been through the surrogacy process once before with a perfect outcome of twin sons. This time however would be a different experience as we needed to find a surrogate and an agency. The path through surrogacy is an incredible journey with many ups and downs. Finding the agency to put your trust in is one of the first and most important steps. We began our search online, and contacted three different agencies. Of these agencies, we knew Family Source Consultants was right for us. They were the only one to get back to us in a timely, considerate manner that made us feel important. Even though we are still in the middle of this process, we feel we made the right decision. Family Source Consultants have been there for us every step of the way. If we email or call, we always get to speak to them within a couple hours. This makes us feel important and as if they really do care. We look forward to continuing the surrogacy process working with them hopefully with another terrific outcome.

C & G

Intended Parents via Gestational Surrogacy - Iowa
I have been in contact with Family Source since March 2007 after reading the book, Surrogacy Was The Way, written by Zara Griswold, the Co-Director of the agency. In order for my husband and me to have another baby, we need to use a surrogate since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after recovering was told that I could not safely carry another pregnancy. We previously looked into adoption, but after reading Zara’s book, decided to pursue surrogacy to have a second child. From the first moment I spoke with Zara, I felt completely at ease with her and the process. She answered all of my questions and reassured me whenever I had concerns. It is also through Family Source, that we have met our wonderful surrogate, Chrissy. Zara couldn’t have matched us with a more perfect surrogate. Chrissy is everything that we could have asked for in a surrogate, and we have grown to know and love her and her family. Zara is also very financially responsible. She set up our escrow account for paying Chrissy, and always sends us a statement and pays Chrissy on time each month. If I ever have a question regarding expenses, she is able to provide answers immediately. Zara was also very helpful in putting us in touch with attorneys and doctors for Chrissy. She has a lot of knowledgeable contacts, who also speak very highly of her. I am fully aware of how stressful this process can be, but Zara is wonderful and you should feel comfortable putting your complete trust in her. She will be able to help you from beginning to end, to remove the stress and allow you to enjoy the process.  

Kim & Scott

Intended Parents via Gestational Surrogacy - New York
Our journey to the parenthood has taken two years. It has been an otherworldly experience. Some moments have been rough, but finally, reaching our dream of being parents has became reality. FSC has being always very supportive, like our beloved surrogate mother and their family, who had made their best to help us in every way. We will never forget our American friends and we will always talk to baby Aran about his wonderful origins.

Gerard and Miquel

Intended Parents via Surrogacy & Egg Donation - Spain
I had been privately looking for an egg donor for a year before I started working with Staci at Family Source Consultants. Unfortunately all the donors I found previously didn’t follow through with the process. I was heartbroken and ready to give up. Then we decided to try one more time, but this time to use an agency. My fertility doctor recommended Family Source Consultants as one of the few agencies who has donors that meet his high medical qualifications. I emailed Family Source and had a response that same day. They let me look through their donor database, and I found someone that I connected with right away. Staci contacted the donor the next day, and we were officially matched. Staci has kept me informed every step of the way, emailing me whenever there is a new development. She helped me find a lawyer for the process, and has been extremely empathetic to my situation. Staci and her partner have both struggled with fertility issues, so they understand what we are going through. Although I’ve never met her, I’ve come to think of Staci as a friend. Sometimes I wish I had come to the agency sooner, but then I probably wouldn’t have been matched with the same donor, and I think there’s something special about our match. I would recommend Family Source Consultants to any couple who is in need of an egg donor or a surrogate.


Intended Parent via Egg Donation - Illinois
I knew quite quickly after my family was complete that I wanted to help someone out to start their family. I contacted Zara at Family Source Consultants and immediately she was there to answer all of my questions and make this whole process move along smoothly. Whenever any concern came up, she and the Family Source staff were always an email or a phone call away. Zara has a way of making everything fall back into place. I am very grateful to her, and to this agency for all of their help.


Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
I just wanted to say, thanks so much for everything. You guys have been so great to work with, I would work with you again and tell anyone who is interested in being a surrogate that your agency is the one to deal with. I have always felt important and you guys have gone over and beyond what I ever expected, and I also see that you treat the parents great as well. This has been truly a wonderful experience. I feel honored to have been able to be a part of something I feel so strongly about. My husband and I have both been happy through this whole process. I truly think that I would sometime do it again if there is another family in need. I am going to treasure this forever, and hopefully spread the word so others out there can help couples become parents…..thank you so much for allowing me to do this!!!


Gestational Surrogate - Indiana
Becoming an egg donor is a big decision. When I first decided this was something I wanted to do, I was very excited, but also very nervous. I had so many questions, and didn’t know exactly what to expect. After doing months of online research, I looked through a number of agencies, and none really seemed right for me. Finally I found Family Source Consultants, and I could not have had a better experience. From the moment I first made contact with Staci Swiderski, I knew I’d found the right agency for me. Having been through the process numerous times herself, she was always ready and able to answer all of my many questions, including responding to late-night emails and phone calls. I was walked through everything step by step and in great detail, and was told what to expect all along the way. The process really could not have gone more smoothly. All of my emails and phone calls were answered immediately, even when late at night or for the fifth time in a day. Staci helped me to feel completely confident with everything, and I even had the opportunity to meet and cultivate a relationship with the recipient parents, who are now 8 weeks pregnant! Being an egg donor is an amazing opportunity to give an invaluable gift, and the service provided to me by Family Source honestly could not have been better. Though I’ve only actually met Staci once, I feel as though we old friends, and enjoy our regular email correspondence! I was so pleased with how everything went, that I’m currently in the process of my second egg donation. I would recommend Family Source Consultants to anyone having problems with infertility, or to anyone interested in becoming an egg donor. Both situations require an intimate, personalized approach, and Family Source went above and beyond my expectations in this and all aspects of the process. Thanks again for everything!


Egg Donor - Illinois
When my husband and I learned that we would need to find an egg donor in order to have a child, we were not initially convinced that using an agency would provide us with everything we were looking for. I am pleased to say we could not have been more wrong in that regard. We received access to the Family Source Consultants (FSC) website to view their available donors and we immediately were drawn to three donors (one in particular) that met our initial criteria. In addition, we interviewed several of the larger agencies in the Chicagoland area and ultimately, the decision to work with FSC was surprisingly easy for several reasons. At least from our perspective, selecting a woman with the qualities most important to us became an important part of our mission. We found the characteristics of the girls in FSC’s program to be much more consistent with our personal goals than in any other program. As stated, there were three girls we were interested in and the team at FSC clearly understood the process my husband and I were working through. The team did an excellent job of listening to our thoughts and offering, what we found to be, valuable advice and support. We likewise found FSC to be exceptionally committed through every stage of the process. The donor we picked was in the process of moving out of state. FSC was very proactive about ensuring that everything from medical appointments, drug deliveries, and other milestones were happening precisely as they should. I cannot say enough about their attentiveness and professionalism. The decision to pick a girl was an emotional one. I believe FSC spends a great deal of time, energy, and discipline selecting girls for their program. We found the quality of their donors to be second to no other agency. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to meet and personally thank our donor for her gift to our family and FSC helped make that experience one we will not forget. We are very pleased to recommend both Zara and Staci at Family Source Consultants for all the reasons stated above and others that are more difficult to put into words. We cannot stress enough their professionalism throughout what has got to be one of the most difficult decisions we have personally ever had to make.  

L & R

Intended Parents via Egg Donation - Illinois
Being a gestational surrogate has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Zara and Staci and Family Source made everything so convenient and always made me feel comfortable through the whole process. I couldn’t ask for a better match with the Intended Parents. With the first meeting, I knew they were the perfect couple for me. Even though it was an international couple, I never felt like I was doing this alone. If I had any questions or concerns, Zara was always easy to get in touch with. She made this such a smooth process for everybody. I intend to be a Surrogate again in the future. I would highly recommend Family Source Consultants!


Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
I really want to thank you also for all your support during this process. You and Jessica have been absolutely wonderful to work with. It's a huge stress relief to know that if I have any questions, you guys will be there! All the emails that you sent checking in and seeing how I was doing was/is appreciated immensely.


Egg Donor - Illinois
Zara from Family Source Consultants gave me hope when I had none left. That hope and encouragement kept me going and if I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t have been able to pick up the pieces and move forward. And because I did, thanks to Zara, I’m now expecting the greatest gift I’ve ever been given – a baby girl. I didn’t know what to expect and I was so vulnerable at times, but whenever a situation would come up, Zara handled it with professionalism combined kindness and her warm personality, which always put my mind at ease.


Intended Mother via Gestational Surrogacy - Illinois
Thank you so much for all that you did for us. We are so grateful to all of you guys. From the time we talked on the phone to the time he was born you were there for us. We can’t thank you enough for having our back with the previous donor and working with us to get the donor that we first wanted. She will always hold a special place in our heart and so will you.

J & J

Intended Parents via Egg Donation - Illinois
I just wanted to say thank you for everything! This journey has been incredible and I have made lifelong friends with Jaime and Brian. They are so special to me and Ashlea and we thank you for introducing them into our lives. Everyone got to go home today so we said our goodbyes for now and are looking forward to planning our visit to Chicago, after mom, dad and baby D get settled of course. I look forward to our next journey.


Gestational Surrogate - Maryland
Dreams do come true…you just need to know where to look for the guidance to make them happen. Our dreams were simple. We wanted to get married, have two or three children, and laugh everyday. We didn’t think we were asking for too much; just a quiet life filled with family and love. In all of our life experiences, no one ever explained to us that it old be impossible for us to have children on our own. Our son was our blessing. It was not until his birth and all the complications when we realized he could be the only child we had on our own. Because of Family Source Consultants, our dream of another child came true. From the very first phone call to Family Source Consultants, we felt and knew we were in good hands. There are so many details that one cannot know about surrogacy until the process has begun. Each and every interaction was handled professionally and with true care about our feelings. The emotional journey was made easier with Family Source Consultants. With one phone call your dreams can begin to come true. Through each and every step of finding a surrogate, Family Source Consultants will be there. With their help, we were matched with a surrogate who we could not ask for more from…she was and is simply amazing. Family Source Consultants was a great experience for us. We are happy with our decision to use them to help us find a surrogate and complete our family.  

Michael and Kristina

Intended Parents via Gestational Surrogacy - Illinois
We contacted FSC in May 2009 for the first time and achieved our dream to be parents in September 2011. Becoming parents has always been our goal in life and we thought that just for being same sex couple this possibility was simply not possible. Now with surrogacy you have a chance to achieve your dream and you should not give up if that is what you want. Having said this, the gestational surrogacy is a stressful and overwhelming journey that requires patience, time and understanding and working with FSC has turned out to be our best decision ever. They involved with us not only professionally but also personally. This was very important for us because before starting the process we heard about other couples working with California agencies and they were having many problems because their agency was very active at the beginning (arranging the match with the egg donor and surrogate) but afterwards they disappeared. In our case, we maintained a very close relationship with FSC through the entire process, which is very much appreciated, especially if you consider that we live far abroad (Madrid). They helped us to select the best players for our team, provided us with elegant solutions to solve complicated problems and helped us to keep our spirits high during difficult moments. Their advice and knowledge has been critical to help us become parents and we requested it some many times that we have lost the count. Few days ago our two baby girls were born in Chicago and everything was perfect. We will be grateful to FSC for the rest of our life.  

Salvador and Alfonso

Intended Parents via Gestational Surrogacy - Spain
Thank you so much for all you’ve helped us through over the past few months! We realize you have many clients and business matters, but the personal attention you constantly extended went way beyond our expectations. Your understanding and concern during this emotional process is worth more than words can express. After years of fertility struggles, everything seemed to click into place once we found FSC. We are forever grateful!

M & S

Intended Parents via Egg Donation - Illinois
Our journey to become parents did not begin with Family Source Consultants, but it ended with them. We started working with an agency in California to do egg donation and surrogacy, but that ended in conflict between the agency and the clinic they recommended. So we tried an agency in New Jersey for the surrogate but after a year they didn’t have any candidates that passed the screening. Then we tried another agency in Illinois for the surrogate and one in California for an egg donor. The egg donation worked, but the surrogate had medical issues. Discouraged but with a freezer full of embryos we eventually found Zara at FSC. What a breath of fresh air. A year later we have the greatest daughter a parent could ask for plus a couple of new friends: Zara and our surrogate. Two thumbs up? Make it six!

Ted, Sue and Kate

a happy family through egg donation and surrogacy
Imagine for a moment living a life with greater meaning than you could ever dream of. A life with more treasures than a pot of gold and heart so full of purpose that you could pass away today knowing you’ve left a legacy of love behind you. Imagine being a part of a miracle that will last forever. As a repeat egg donor, I have gotten the privilege of imagining just that, and it’s been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever been a part of. My time with FSC has opened not only my mind, but also my heart in ways I couldn’t have imagined before. There are some people who look at egg donation and surrogacy as simply scientific medicine, but I have seen first hand the humanity and love that goes into every cycle: (from donor to doctor, to intended parent to surrogate, to coordinator to baby) and love is greater than science every time. I have fallen in love with FSC and it’s mission to create families and share love. Over the last few years, it’s become a passion of mine to continue this mission long after my donations have ended. There is nothing more fulfilling than realizing our purpose, and I believe we share in life’s mission to love others in any way can. –And where there is love, there will always be miracles.  


Egg Donor - Illinois
When I decided to join Family Source Consultants in their quest to help create families, I never imagined they would hold such a big place in my heart. The staff I worked with at FSC was compassionate, understanding, readily available to help at any time, and overflowing with enthusiasm for their profession. Every aspect of this company exuded professionalism, but the main quality I looked for was timeliness. I am extremely prompt, and I prefer the same in return. FSC was always very punctual with every aspect of the egg donation process. FSC has some of the most amazing staff members, especially Jessica. Jessica, a big, big thank you for the excellent job you have done as my coordinator for this cycle! You’re the perfect person for your job, and I really appreciate you! Thanks for making this whole process so smooth. You are fantastic at what you do, and I appreciate the caring way you facilitated my egg donor cycle. It was truly a joy to work with you, and I look forward to being a donor for another couple soon. I had a 100% positive experience and would not trade it for anything in the world! Thank you, FSC, for making the whole process such a blessing in my life and the life of others


Egg Donor - Florida
It has been a real pleasure working with Family Source Consultants over the past few years. A big thank you to you and all the staff for all you do – you clearly care about the work you do, and it shows in all your interactions with clients! I will definitely recommend Family Source Consultants to anyone who asks.


Egg Donor – Wisconsin
I filled out the required forms to become an egg donor this past year not really expecting to be selected. Once I found out I was chosen by a couple, numerous thoughts and questions filled my mind. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Throughout the entire process, every question and concern was addressed promptly by Jessica. She made me feel comfortable every step of the way and I am very grateful to her and the entire agency! Knowing she has also been through the process herself put my mind at ease more than anything. I am so happy I was able to help other people start or add to their family. Feels amazing and I hope I can help more people in the future. Thank you for everything!


Egg Donor – Indiana
I have been an Egg Donor with Family Source Consultants for approximately four years. Since day one, the staff has always been great to work with. They always treat me with tremendous respect and I always feel that I am their top priority. Anytime I need something, phone calls and emails are always answered very quickly and there has never been a time when I had a question that could not be answered. Any compensations and/or reimbursements are always paid in a very timely manner and they do a great job of keeping in contact. I am so glad to have worked with FSC and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a surrogacy/egg donor agency. During my time as their client, I have not only gained a great professional relationship with a reputable company, but have also made lifelong friends in the process!


Egg Donor – Illinois
I know that through a shared experience, people find similarities and common ground to achieve the end result, therefore often making their relationship stronger. However, I believe you have a good knack of finding the perfect matches of intended parents for me. This provides a good starting foundation to blossom into a wonderful relationship that works together to bring a beautiful new life into the world! Thank you for your insight into personalities and ability to match people very well for the surrogacy journey.


Gestational Surrogate – Illinois
Just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me this past year. Firstly for putting me in the hands of Andrea and Jason and secondly for putting Ellie in my arms. Working with you and your staff is in a pleasure from day one. I interviewed a number of surrogacy agencies and I can honestly tell you that your organization is unique. It has always been as though you were just friends helping me get to where I wanted to go. I never once felt like this was a business transaction. You were a constant source of support through the ups and downs of this journey. And I plan on doing it again real soon!


Intended Father – New York
Thank you also for helping make this such an amazing experience, I’m so happy that Jason and I did this. Being able to see Ilan’s face when he was first given Ellie, more than made up for the difficult/stressful time we had last summer when the transfers did not work. Your staff has been great as well. The support of you and your agency means more than words can say and “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough.


Gestational Surrogate - Wisconsin
My husband and I have had the wonderful opportunity to give a loving and deserving couple a chance to complete their family. I felt so strongly that I wanted to be a Gestational Surrogate ever since I first read an article in a magazine. Since I was adopted, I thought this would be a great way to give back to the world and thank God for all of the positive things that have happened for me in my life. I was recommended to use FSC by another gestational surrogate. I am very happy with how they have handled the very smallest detail and for matching me with amazing people. I am currently 13 1/2 weeks pregnant after only having one transfer, and hoping to find out the sex of this miracle baby very soon. I love my intended parents as an extended part of my family. I cannot wait to meet them in person this summer and be the one to make all of their dreams come true.


Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
I’m sure this will seem out of the blue, but I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I have recently heard horror stories from other surrogates about their agencies. Things like coordinators not being attentive (even mixing surrogates up and reminding them of appointments they didn’t have!), messing up escrow, forcing the surrogates to deal with things the agency should be handling, etc. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! And thank you to all the ladies in your offices there. Every single lady I had contact with was pleasant, professional, attentive – sympathetic when I needed it! 🙂 I’m so SO glad I went with FSC. I literally have not one bad/negative thing to say about you all. If I had the privilege of being a surrogate again, I’d choose you all again in a heartbeat. I’ve had a couple of friends seem genuinely interested in becoming surrogates, and I tell them not to even mess with anyone else – just go to Family Source! Anyway – I thought sending a card would be nicer than an e-mail, but I also know myself…if I wait till I get around to sending a card, it will never happen! I just wanted to say thank you. I truly appreciate FSC and I’m so thankful I got to work with you all.


Gestational Surrogate
We are a Dutch couple from the Netherlands and found FSC though and extensive search on internet. We used manhavingbabies.com as are start reverence site for independent agency comparison. After applying our “personal choice filters” (not to “massive agency”, “personal touch and “” IP and surrogate focused”) on the agencies listed, FSC stood out. We contacted 4 agencies and were immediately pleased with the personal touch of FSC. This was confirmed after our first Skype call with Staci. The way they communicate with us feels perfect for us. They are very open, clear, precisely and understanding. They know that surrogacy is not a simple or easy path. They are well organized and everything went smoothly. After the match was made we got Megan as our personal assistant She kept us in touch with us every week. After 3 months it was our time to get matched with available and willing surrogates. FSC did a great job because the match between us and our surrogate was a first-time right perfect match. Also now during our successful 13th week pregnancy (first attempt success) FSC continues to be along each step of our journey with advice and updates where needed. We would highly recommend FSC to anyone starting their surrogate journey

Niels & Jose

Intended Parents via Surrogacy - Netherlands
Bottom Line Up Front: Family Source Consultants (FSC) is the best! I lived on the east coast and (at first) actually selected another agency closer in proximity to me. However, I found out quickly that my original choice left much to be desired. I had contacted FSC prior to the agency I was working with, but FSC was a little further from me (in Chicago), so I did not select them at first. After I dropped my original egg donor and surrogacy agency, I went back to FSC. The staff reassured me that they worked with people from all over the country. I used both their egg donor location services, and their gestational surrogate services. Krista was my POC for egg denotation services, and Megan was my POC for surrogate services. These are two of the best. If you can, I would request for them personally. There was not a question they couldn’t answer on the spot, or find out within a very short period of time. They walked me through the entire process, and continually checked in with me. I first signed my contract with them in Feb 2015, and my twins were born in March 2016. Please note that my experience was not typical, as everything literally fell into place for me. Therefore, it could take a bit longer for you to meet your future kids. However, FSC helped to make sure that this process moved as quickly as possible, and that any barriers within their power were removed with haste. They answered questions that I did not even think to ask. If you have any worries about choosing FSC as your agency of choice, put your worries away. FSC is the real deal. Trust them, they will take good care of you!


Intended Father via Egg Donation & Surrogacy - Maryland
I’m so happy I decided to go with an agency instead of independent. I tried the independent route for YEARS with no real success. I was ‘matched’ several times with IPs that said they were ready to go, but then it never went anywhere. I submitted my information to FSC in April and a match was found for me within weeks. This is probably not typical, but worked out to be amazing for me and my IF. FSC was there to answer any questions and to be the liaison between my IF and I in case of any awkward questions or situations. Megan checked in with me all throughout the process and my pregnancy. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone that is interested in having children through surrogacy or someone interested in becoming a surrogate. They are wonderful and make you feel special.


Gestational Surrogate - Kansas
This agency is beyond wonderful. From start to finish they are with you every step of the way. I completely enjoyed my entire experience with them and look forward to hopefully working with them again in the future.


Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
My first journey was with FSC and it was amazing. I was matched with the perfect couple and FSC was with me the entire way. Anytime I needed help they did everything they could for me without hesitation. I can’t begin to thank them enough for helping me with one of the best decision I ever made.


Gestational Surrogate - Indiana
I’ve had such a wonderful experience so far now going into my final stage of my surrogate journey. Zara introduced me to my Intended Parents, and Megan has answered every question I’ve had along the way. Such a wonderful group to work with!


Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
Working with FSC has been brilliant. Megan and Jessica have both been amazing to work with. FSC matched us with the perfect surrogate. My husband and I live in the Netherlands and constant check-ups have left us feeling incredibly involved in the whole process despite living nearly 7000 km away. We are expecting twins in a few weeks and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend FSC for both egg donation and surrogacy services to IPs living in the US and abroad.


Intended Mother via Surrogacy - Netherlands
Surrogacy is not a simple or easy path, but working with Family Source Consultants has really made the entire journey smooth and rewarding. There is a sense of community and family working with the team, they know this is a heavy journey and from the initial call moving forward was always a sense of comfort and understanding. They are well organized, they understand the landscape, they keep process moving along and just have always been very competent. Once my match request was made official they kept in touch, almost weekly touching base and in about 4 months presented a proposed match, turns out as they suggested my surrogate is an amazing woman and the perfect match for my situation. They continue to be along each step of my journey and like family seem there for me. I would highly recommend FSC to anyone starting their journey and I feel blessed to have found them.


Intended Father via Surrogacy - Wisconsin
FSC was very friendly and easy to work with. They were very good at checking in and played a big role in the surrogacy process. They were very easy to contact when need be and always responded quickly to email. In the beginning, I worked with Zara until I was matched. She was very easy to talk to and she made me feel like I could call any time, even if it was just to check the status of the matching process. After I was matched, Tracy coordinated all my trips and I never had to question anything – it was just done. I highly recommend FSC!


Gestational Surrogate - Minnesota
I used FSC for my 1st surrogacy journey AND they were AMAZING!! (currently in the process of my 2nd journey with them) Zara was able to make the PERFECT match for my Intended parents and myself. The process went very quickly and smoothly. Once matched, I was assigned my coordinator, Tracy. The coordinator is there for you throughout the journey, and even after 🙂 Tracy was nothing short of incredible!! I highly recommend FSC to anyone looking into surrogacy, whether as an intended parent or a potential surrogate.. you will not be disappointed!!


Gestational Surrogate - Illinois
Family Source Consultants, is a group of fine professionals who have passion to make other people’s dreams come true throughout facilitating the means for intended parents to have a family. They are knowledgeable, experienced and resourceful with nearly ten years in the business helping hundreds of families with the miracle of life! I’ve experienced their support first-hand as they helped my daughter Alejandra became mother of two beautiful twins!


Intended Grandfather - Texas
Everyone at FSC has been amazing and very supportive throughout. No question has gone unanswered nor a phone call been ignored. I love the one on one feeling that I get from them. They treat you as if you are their only surrogate when I know that is not true. I would recommend FSC to both surrogates and Intended Parents if they are needing help with matching or any of the surrogacy process.


Gestational Surrogate - Texas
After much research, we bit the bullet and put our trust in FSC. From the outset and initial discussions, they were professional, authentic and promoted a relationship of trust. We never once felt alienated or not heard or that any question (and there were many) was ever too much. At every turn they were there for us and held our hand throughout the journey. FSC always returned emails etc with due diligence and open dialogue quickly. Using FSC was a proverbial masterclass in excellence. We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone contemplating a surrogacy journey. I genuinely have no idea how any other agency could provide a better service and I mean that from the heart.


Intended Father via Surrogacy - Spain