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Do-It-Yourself Surrogacy: Things to Consider

You've researched the surrogacy agencies and concluded that you could find a surrogate more quickly, and the surrogacy journey will be less expensive, if you do it yourself. Maybe you can ask your best friend to carry your baby for you; after all, you’ve always said that you would [...]

Egg Donor Program Updates • June 2018

Egg Donor Spotlight Egg Donor C. found her surrogacy experience so fulfilling that she began to explore egg donation as well. She says "experiencing the joy of helping a family in need is one of the best feelings in the world!" Read More About C's Egg Donation Experience [...]

5 Tips for First-time Egg Donors

Deciding to become an egg donor is a significant and exciting milestone. After making the decision to donate their eggs, many women feel a range of emotions: happiness, excitement, and even anxiousness. One of the best ways to ease nerves related to becoming a first-time egg donor is to [...]

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Egg Donor Spotlight • Donor C.

"FSC seemed to make the process go smoothly. As a first time donor, I did not quite understand the process. They helped me to understand further and get through to the retrieval with no problems." What led you to become an Egg Donor? As a previous surrogate, experiencing the [...]

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Men Having Babies Surrogacy Conference and Gay Parenting Expo

Family Source Consultants is pleased to have sponsored the MHB - Men Having Babies Surrogacy Conference and Gay Parenting Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are incredibly proud to support this organization and are honored to be able to help many gay men build families through surrogacy. Over 130 [...]

Surrogacy Program Updates • June 2018

Surrogate Spotlight | Heather S. Seeing her sister struggle through multiple miscarriages sparked an interest in Heather to help those who were having difficulty becoming parents. Heather "absolutely loved" being pregnant, so after completing her own family, she decided to pursue becoming a gestational surrogate! Heather delivered as a [...]

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