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FSC Stories: Avani Lombardi

14 FSC Team Members have personal involvement in the world of Third-Party Reproduction. This week, Avani Lombardi, Client Relations Manager, shares her story. After four years of unexplained infertility and multiple ectopic pregnancies, my husband and I finally turned to Gestational Surrogacy to help us build our family. We never [...]

January 15th, 2019|Surrogacy, Egg Donation|0 Comments

10 Celebs Who Used Surrogacy To Start Their Families

Egg donation and surrogacy are more common in the world of celebrities than people may think, especially with surrogacy becoming a more accepted and attainable option for starting a family. These 10 celebrities open up about using egg donors and surrogates to start and expand their families. 1) Lucy Liu [...]

The First Contest Surrogacy Case: The Story of Baby M

In our December 19th newsletter, Zara Griswold, co-founder of Family Source Consultants, shared her own incredible journey to motherhood through surrogacy. Zara, like many other women at the time, had first learned about surrogacy from the now infamous Baby M case of 1985. The case of Baby M was a [...]

Egg Donor Spotlight: E #488

Meet E! My whole experience, from start to finish, was very positive! My contacts at Family Source Consultants were super supportive throughout the process and walked me through every step along the way. What lead you to become an Egg Donor? My husband and I were not sure if we [...]

Surrogate Spotlight: Alisha

Meet Alisha! Surrogate Alisha delivered a baby girl in August of 2018 for her Intended Parents. She took the time to share some of her insights into the process, and we are excited to share with you here. "I’ve been grateful for the support and encouragement I’ve received from all [...]

December 24th, 2018|Surrogacy, Surrogate Spotlight|0 Comments

How to Exercise as a Surrogate

Exercise is a great benefit to both the surrogate and the child(ren) they are carrying. While some surrogates may feel uneasy about exercise, especially because they are carrying a child that is not genetically theirs, exercise is highly encouraged by physicians both before and during the pregnancy. A physician will [...]

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