Andy Cohen: The Champion for Surrogacy

Just last week, Andy Cohen, host of the Bravo show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and creator of The Real Housewives, announced the birth of his son, Benjamin Allen Cohen. As a gay man with celebrity status, this is a spotlight moment for surrogacy and the entire [...]

10 Celebs Who Used Surrogacy To Start Their Families

Egg donation and surrogacy are more common in the world of celebrities than people may think, especially with surrogacy becoming a more accepted and attainable option for starting a family. These 10 celebrities open up about using egg donors and surrogates to start and expand their families. 1) Lucy [...]

The First Contest Surrogacy Case: The Story of Baby M

In our December 19th newsletter, Zara Griswold, co-founder of Family Source Consultants, shared her own incredible journey to motherhood through surrogacy. Zara, like many other women at the time, had first learned about surrogacy from the now infamous Baby M case of 1985. The case of Baby M was [...]

Getting Started with Egg Donation

The surrogacy process is a long and complicated one, requiring proactive participation from multiple parties. One of those parties is the egg donor. This individual is essentially the one to kickstart the entire process. An egg donor is a woman who gives her eggs to another woman suffering [...]

Welcome to the FSC Family, Baby “E”!

TeamFSC is overjoyed to welcome Baby Boy "E" to the FSC Family! Baby "E" was lovingly carried by TeamFSC Texas Surrogate Nikki, and arrived on December 7, 2017 weighing 7 pounds, 1 ounce. Though Intended Parents H&P from China met Nikki face to face for the first time [...]

Welcome to the FSC Family, Babies J&C!

TeamFSC is delighted to introduce twins J&C, who were lovingly carried by Surrogate Annie and delivered into their parents waiting arms on November 24, 2017. We are honored to have shared their Surrogacy journey with them and are thankful for the kind words and photos that they've shared [...]

Welcome to the FSC Family, Baby Girl "S"

We are delighted to share the arrival of K&N's  little miracle, Baby Girl "S", who was welcomed into the world on September 1, 2017. Thank you to TeamFSC Surrogate Cecilia for making K&N's dreams come true! We love seeing the joy in K&N's faces as they share their first [...]

Welcome to the FSC Family, Baby "J"

These wonderful photos of Parents "E&P", their Surrogate Susan, and their new Son "J" perfectly capture the true beauty of Surrogacy. Susan, who is a second-time Surrogate as well as a licensed midwife, enjoyed a planned homebirth of Baby Boy “J” on May 9, 2017. New Dads "E&P" arrived [...]

How I Became a Breast Milk Donor after Surrogacy

I can't exactly remember how I heard about being a milk donor post surrogacy, but I knew from nursing my own kids that breast milk is in high demand. I learned of a milk bank specifically for surrogates called "Preemies Milk Bank". I emailed them at 24 weeks pregnant [...]

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Postpartum Breastmilk Donation for Surrogates

Now that you've given birth as a surrogate, you will be saying hello to a whole host of postpartum symptoms, including breasts engorged with milk.  Some intended parents may be interested in having you pump breast milk for their baby, but if they are not interested, you may want [...]

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