How to Exercise as a Surrogate

Exercise is a great benefit to both the surrogate and the child(ren) they are carrying. While some surrogates may feel uneasy about exercise, especially because they are carrying a child that is not genetically theirs, exercise is highly encouraged by physicians both before and during the pregnancy. A physician [...]

Matching with a Surrogate

While some couples or individuals may try to find Surrogates on their own, either through advertisements or close friends and families, using an agency offers the benefit of experience and guidance throughout the process. With co-founders of Family Source Consultants, Staci Swiderski and Zara Griswold, both of whom are [...]

3 Tips for Simplifying Surrogacy

Becoming a surrogate is a life-changing event, not only for you as a surrogate helping to create life, but also for the intended parents who are finally able to start their families. Every surrogate’s experience is unique, and no two pregnancies are ever the same! So, whether you’re thinking [...]

A Beautiful Surrogacy Story: Yelena’s Journey

A beautiful Surrogacy and birth story from TeamFSC Surrogate, Yelena (Minnesota) who recently gave birth to boy/girl twins for fathers, Zach and Devin. Have your tissues ready♥️ “I’m a writer by trade. This means I usually pack a lot of information in as few inches of text as possible. [...]

Surrogate Spotlight: Roxi

FSC was amazing from day one.  I was referred to them by a friend and during my journey I have made so many friends.  I was amazed at how supportive everyone was!  FSC was always very responsive to all my questions.  I always felt supported through the process from [...]

A Surrogate’s Journey | Difficult News

After my third positive beta, it was time for me to have my ultrasound. My ultrasound was scheduled for about a week after the last blood test. At the ultrasound, they are looking for a gestational sac and a yolk. If they see the heartbeat, that's an added bonus. [...]

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A Surrogate’s Journey | Beta Test Results

Between my transfer and my beta, I decided not to do any home pregnancy tests. For me, they make me nervous. I would hate for the results to be negative.  I would then stress about telling my IP's or giving them hope for a few more days. Even though [...]

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A Surrogate’s Journey | Our Embryo Transfer

I had my monitoring appointment on August 8, 2017. When we got the results back, my line and looked perfect and ready for transfer. The clinic decided to move my transfer up 4 days. My Intended Parents were a little nervous to move it up. They asked to do [...]

A Surrogate's Journey | Baseline Take Two!

My last baseline appointment results showed that I had a follicle and that my lining was thick. It also showed that I had elevated estrogen. This meant that our cycle was cancelled. I've anxiously been awaiting my period since my last baseline appointment and praying that I would be [...]

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A Surrogate’s Journey | Baseline Appointment

I started Lupron on 7/26. Lupron uses a small, insulin sized needle. It basically puts your body into a menopausal state so that you don't get pregnant with your own baby during this process. My amazing husband, and occasionally my son (14), give me my shots. I have vasovagal [...]

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