TeamFSC Personal Stories: Kaylee McKee

I started my journey with Family Source Consultants as an Egg Donor back in 2013. I have since completed five donations: two open donations, two semi-open donations, and one anonymous donation. To date, my donations have resulted in seven children (two sets of twins!) residing in four different countries. [...]

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Andy Cohen: The Champion for Surrogacy

Just last week, Andy Cohen, host of the Bravo show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and creator of The Real Housewives, announced the birth of his son, Benjamin Allen Cohen. As a gay man with celebrity status, this is a spotlight moment for surrogacy and the entire [...]

10 Celebs Who Used Surrogacy To Start Their Families

Egg donation and surrogacy are more common in the world of celebrities than people may think, especially with surrogacy becoming a more accepted and attainable option for starting a family. These 10 celebrities open up about using egg donors and surrogates to start and expand their families. 1) Lucy [...]

The First Contest Surrogacy Case: The Story of Baby M

In our December 19th newsletter, Zara Griswold, co-founder of Family Source Consultants, shared her own incredible journey to motherhood through surrogacy. Zara, like many other women at the time, had first learned about surrogacy from the now infamous Baby M case of 1985. The case of Baby M was [...]

A Beautiful Surrogacy Story: Yelena’s Journey

A beautiful Surrogacy and birth story from TeamFSC Surrogate, Yelena (Minnesota) who recently gave birth to boy/girl twins for fathers, Zach and Devin. Have your tissues ready♥️ “I’m a writer by trade. This means I usually pack a lot of information in as few inches of text as possible. [...]

Surrogate Spotlight: Roxi

FSC was amazing from day one.  I was referred to them by a friend and during my journey I have made so many friends.  I was amazed at how supportive everyone was!  FSC was always very responsive to all my questions.  I always felt supported through the process from [...]

A Surrogate’s Journey | Difficult News

After my third positive beta, it was time for me to have my ultrasound. My ultrasound was scheduled for about a week after the last blood test. At the ultrasound, they are looking for a gestational sac and a yolk. If they see the heartbeat, that's an added bonus. [...]

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A Surrogate’s Journey | Beta Test Results

Between my transfer and my beta, I decided not to do any home pregnancy tests. For me, they make me nervous. I would hate for the results to be negative.  I would then stress about telling my IP's or giving them hope for a few more days. Even though [...]

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New Dad Bill Guest Beat Biological Clock With Help Of Surrogate

By Michael P. Coleman Originally published in Gay Parenting Magazine Most of us think of the “biological clock” as a construct that only women experience. Gay Parent Magazine reader Bill Guest of Chicago begs to differ. “The biological clock was ticking,” Guest, 39 laughed by phone. “I’d known since [...]

A Surrogate’s Journey | Our Embryo Transfer

I had my monitoring appointment on August 8, 2017. When we got the results back, my line and looked perfect and ready for transfer. The clinic decided to move my transfer up 4 days. My Intended Parents were a little nervous to move it up. They asked to do [...]

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