Surrogate Spotlight: Kate

Meet Kate! “FSC was amazing at making sure all parties were taken care of. Having the agency made everything from filling out paperwork to checking in at the hospital really easy. Whenever I had a concern, I was able to get ahold of Nicole immediately. The support groups and [...]

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Surrogate Spotlight: Tanisha

“I chose FSC’s because of their support, the staff, and they are local. They immediately responded to my online application. Zara was great with my matching and when I had a challenge come up, she helped me through it. Ronda and Denise stayed in communication and supported me mentally and [...]

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Surrogate Spotlight: Courtney

Meet Surrogate Courtney – a two time FSC surrogate! Q: What lead you to become a Surrogate? A: I struggled to conceive my 2nd child. I was told I had low egg count and quality at age 24. Knowing first hand what it feels like to want a family [...]

Surrogate Spotlight: Julie

I had my one and only child in 2014. He is a wonderful little boy and the light of my life. I had no idea the love I could and would feel for him until he was in my arms. I also have two stepdaughters, so after my son [...]

A Beautiful Surrogacy Story: Yelena’s Journey

A beautiful Surrogacy and birth story from TeamFSC Surrogate, Yelena (Minnesota) who recently gave birth to boy/girl twins for fathers, Zach and Devin. Have your tissues ready♥️ “I’m a writer by trade. This means I usually pack a lot of information in as few inches of text as possible. [...]

Surrogate Spotlight: Roxi

FSC was amazing from day one.  I was referred to them by a friend and during my journey I have made so many friends.  I was amazed at how supportive everyone was!  FSC was always very responsive to all my questions.  I always felt supported through the process from [...]

Surrogate Spotlight: Stephanie D.

"Family Source Consultants has been a great help along our journey! Another surrogate I know recommended them to me and they were so much more responsive than the other agencies I had contacted, which is why I decided to move forward with them. I am so glad I [...]

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Surrogate Spotlight: Amber R.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to do something big to help another family. My parents were foster parents who took in around 50 children throughout my childhood. I thought perhaps this would be my calling too, but it just didn’t seem right for my family. [...]

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