Surrogacy Program Services

Family Source Consultants provide a non-biased liaison service for Intended Parents and Surrogates.

Our goal is to encourage communication throughout the process and ensure a positive and healthy relationship between all parties involved.

  • Surrogate pre-screening, selection and matching process
  • Coordination of any necessary travel arrangements for Surrogate or Intended Parents
  • Arrangement of background checks for Intended Parents and Surrogate
  • Organization of legal services for Intended Parents and Surrogate with reputable collaborative reproduction attorneys
  • Negotiation of fees for contract
  • Referral to reputable escrow management service to handle disbursement of compensation checks, monthly expenses and all financial reimbursements to Surrogates, as well as provide monthly statements to Intended Parents
  • Locating a reproductive endocrinologist/infertility clinic that fits the Intended Parents’ qualifications
  • Coordination of required medical screening for all parties, per reproductive endocrinologist’s specifications
  • Referral of Intended Parents and Surrogate to a Mental Health Specialist who is experienced  in the area of third party reproduction. Family Source will arrange a meeting for Intended Parents and Surrogate (and spouse/partner if applicable) and coordinate necessary preliminary psychological appointments.

  • Counseling services will be arranged for Surrogate throughout pregnancy if requested and agreed upon in contract
  • Locating life insurance for Surrogate (mandatory per contract). If necessary, although usually not the case, Family Source will help to find appropriate medical insurance to cover Surrogate during pregnancy and delivery.
  • Overseeing all necessary legal filings and procedures (such as pre-birth orders and step parent adoptions) to establish parental rights for Intended Parents
  • Attending transfer if requested and possible
  • Attending doctor appointments (RE and/or OB) with Surrogate if requested and possible
  • We would be honored to attend the birth, with your permission of course, when at all feasible!
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