Surrogate Compensation

Questions regarding surrogate compensation are among the most frequently inquired. We pride ourselves in offering generous compensation packages to our surrogates with total compensation averaging around $45,000. The total compensation package is dependent on various factors including the surrogate’s state of residence, number of babies carried, whether or not she has existing “surrogacy friendly” health insurance, if she has prior surrogacy experience, and more. The FSC Team works with each applicant to ensure that she is receiving a compensation package that fits her individual qualifications and comfort level.

A typical compensation package looks like this:

Base Compensation*$30,000-$35,000
Start of Medication Fee (per cycle) $500
Mock Cycle or Cancelled Cycle Fee $500
Embryo Transfer Fee (per transfer)$750
Monthly Allowance (to start with start of medications)$200/month
Multiple Fee (per additional fetus)$5,000
Invasive Procedure Fee (per invasive procedure)$500
Housekeeping (when medically necessary)$90/week
C-section Fee$2,500
Maternity Clothing Allowance (paid at 14 weeks):
Loss of Reproductive Organs Fee:
Partial hysterectomy
Full hysterectomy
Lost wages for Surrogate:Actual – as ordered by physician
Lost wages for Surrogate’s partner:Actual – max five days

*Add $5,000 for experience surrogates; add $5,000 for surrogates with pre-existing “surrogacy friendly” health insurance

The financial benefits of helping a couple or individual build their family are often a primary factor for women when first contemplating becoming a surrogate – FSC fully understands and appreciates this! We know that the compensation package is significant enough to be life changing – but we promise you, the emotional rewards are more than you can even imagine while still on this end of the process! The gift you will give by carrying and delivering a child into their loving parents’ arms is too powerful an experience to capture with words.