Undergoing Screening as an Egg Donor

Last week, Family Source Consultants shared about how to get started as an egg donor. This process mandates numerous responsibilities from its donors to ensure that high-quality candidates are matched with intended parents. But before completing the process, there are several screenings that prospective donors must undergo to qualify. [...]

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Getting Started with Egg Donation

The surrogacy process is a long and complicated one, requiring proactive participation from multiple parties. One of those parties is the egg donor. This individual is essentially the one to kickstart the entire process. An egg donor is a woman who gives her eggs to another woman suffering [...]

7 Celebrities Who Have Used Surrogates

Stars–they’re just like us? When you’re talking about infertility and surrogacy, that statement rings true. Surrogacy is more common in Hollywood than you’d think. For a multitude of reasons, countless celebrities have used surrogates to carry their children, and the list just keeps growing. You may not have known [...]

Egg Donor Spotlight: Donor D

FSC has been amazing to work with. Jessica worked with me through the process and she was very helpful and always available for any questions I had. 1. What lead you to become an Egg Donor? A friend of mine had previously donated, and I was intrigued. I have [...]

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Celebrating 10 years of building families through Surrogacy and Egg Donation!

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2016/Family Source Consultants/- Family Source Consultants, LLC celebrates 10 years of building families through Surrogacy and Egg Donation. Family Source Consultants, a Chicago based Surrogacy and Egg Donation agency, is proud to be celebrating their tenth year as an expert in third party [...]

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Congrats to Jose Luis Perez Olmo and his baby boy Rodrigo!!

Special Congratulations go to Jose Luis Perez Olmo as he welcomes his son Rodrigo!  We are extremely appreciative to Crystal, His Surrogate who has been nothing short of amazing during this Journey!

Baby Boy, Aran, born Sunday, October 21

Family Source Consultants sends our utmost Congrats to new daddies, Gerard and Miquel, who welcomed their baby boy, Aran, into their arms with much joy!  We also thank their super terrific Surrogate, Jamie, for all she has done to make their dreams come true!  We are so proud of Jamie [...]

Congratulations to Javier and Antonio, and big sister, Victoria! Baby Irene is here!

A belated Congratulations to Javi and Antonio from Spain, who celebrated the birth of their 2nd baby girl, Irene, who was born October 8 in Barrington, Illinois.  We sincerely thank their awesome Surrogate, Nicole, for all she has done over the last few years to help Javi and Antonio [...]

Tabi Welcomes Baby Brother!

Huge Hugs and Congrats to Sarah, Will, and little Tabi, as they welcome Tabi's baby brother, Benedict, into their family! Benedict was born July 24, thanks to their awesome Surrogate, Jessica!  Thanks also to their fabulous Egg Donor, Kristen, as we are eternally grateful to both Jessica and Kristen for [...]

Great way to start the week – Two more babies born to Family Source Consultants

More Congrats go out to Beth and Marty from Illinois, who welcomed their boy girl twins, Ben and Carly, into the world yesterday, Sunday, May 20. Huge thanks to their amazing Surrogate, Andria, from Missouri!  She took such great care of these little ones for the last 9 months, [...]

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