Matching with a Surrogate

While some couples or individuals may try to find surrogates on their own, either through advertisements or close friends and families, using an agency offers the benefit of experience and guidance throughout the process. With co-founders of Family Source Consultants, Staci Swiderski and Zara Griswold, both of whom are [...]

3 Tips for Simplifying Surrogacy

Becoming a surrogate is a life-changing event, not only for you as a surrogate helping to create life, but also for the intended parents who are finally able to start their families. Every surrogate’s experience is unique, and no two pregnancies are ever the same! So, whether you’re thinking [...]

Family Source: An Experienced, Professional Surrogacy & Egg Donation Agency

What sets Family Source Consultants apart from other Egg Donation and Gestational Surrogacy agencies? In short: the collision of professionalism with personal experience! Not only do we offer the utmost in comprehensive professional services to guide clients through their entire third party reproduction experience, but we do so with a staff that [...]

What Is Surrogacy?

Maybe you’ve heard the term “surrogate” or “surrogacy”, but you don’t know what it means or what it entails. To put it simply, surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman (i.e. surrogate) carries a child or children, for another couple or person throughout the duration of a [...]

4 Tips to Maintain Your Surrogate Relationship Post-Baby

Surrogacy gives you the opportunity to connect with others. It allows you to build new relationships and bonds. But, what happens to those relationships after the baby arrives is also important. Surrogates and intended parents often choose to maintain a relationship after the baby is born. In fact, 47 [...]

Surrogate Spotlight: Courtney

Meet Surrogate Courtney – a two time FSC surrogate! Q: What lead you to become a Surrogate? A: I struggled to conceive my 2nd child. I was told I had low egg count and quality at age 24. Knowing first hand what it feels like to want a family [...]

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Becoming A Surrogate

Are you looking to become a surrogate mother? If so, this is an incredible journey you are about to embark upon! Before starting the process, consider asking yourself these questions: Do you know what the surrogacy process entails? The surrogacy journey begins with a matching process. After you are [...]

Surrogate Spotlight: Julie

I had my one and only child in 2014. He is a wonderful little boy and the light of my life. I had no idea the love I could and would feel for him until he was in my arms. I also have two stepdaughters, so after my son [...]

A Beautiful Surrogacy Story: Yelena’s Journey

A beautiful Surrogacy and birth story from TeamFSC Surrogate, Yelena (Minnesota) who recently gave birth to boy/girl twins for fathers, Zach and Devin. Have your tissues ready♥️ “I’m a writer by trade. This means I usually pack a lot of information in as few inches of text as possible. [...]

Holiday Gift Giving for Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Surrogates

With the holiday season upon us, many Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Surrogates may be feeling like showing their love and appreciation for one another through gift giving. However, thinking of the right gift can be tricky considering the unique relationship formed through third party reproduction. We've came up with a [...]

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