I started my journey with Family Source Consultants as an Egg Donor back in 2013. I have since completed five donations: two open donations, two semi-open donations, and one anonymous donation. To date, my donations have resulted in seven children (two sets of twins!) residing in four different countries. In 2016 I decided to become a Surrogate as well, and in February of 2019 delivered a sweet baby boy for my Intended Parents.

When I first became an Egg Donor I did not envision going on to become a Surrogate, or starting a career in Third Party Reproduction. My original intentions were just to help a family and gain some financial stability to pay off my student loans. Now here I am years later, so incredibly glad that I have been so involved in helping to create families – and looking forward to doing a sibling journey as a Surrogate for the same Intended Parents, and hopefully one final egg donation as well.

What I love most about my experience so far is getting photos and updates on the little ones I helped bring into this world. I value the relationships I have built as an Egg Donor, a Surrogate, and now an FSC employee!